Alyssia Maisonpierre

Alyssia Maisonpierre Profile I am an enthusiastic designer primarily interested in exhibition, installation and event design but also skilled in other areas of the industry.

Being interested in the context and symbolism within my designs I always try to investigate alternate ways of involving and relating it back to the audience, particularly with the use of immersion and interactivity.

I have explored many areas of design, my work is very cross disciplinary in its nature comprising mostly of digital work, film, traditional model making, printmaking and set dressing.

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The Bloody Chamber - InstallationThe Bloody Chamber - Installation

This installation is based upon the fairytale of Bluebeard as re-imagined by Angela Carter in The Bloody Chamber and was my submission for my Major Personal Project.

The tale of Bluebeard focuses on the fatality of feminine curiosity, however the re-imagined version, which this installation is based on, reworks the patriarchal nature of the fairytale into a dark, sexual and ultimately feminist adult version.

The heroine marries a rich Marquis, who taunts her with the knowledge of a forbidden room, naturally her curiosity gets the better of her and she enters the room, finding the bodies of his previous wives whom he murdered for their mistake of disobeying his orders. His first wife she sees laying on a catafalque with his blue hand prints around her neck, the next one she realizes is the skull that hangs disembodied above wearing a wreath of roses and a bridal veil and the most recent wife she discovers in an iron maiden. He realizes her disobedience upon his return and is about to behead her when her mother comes to her rescue and shoots the Marquis dead.

The themes that run through the story are the objectification of women, love/sex and violence, virginity, the pornographic image, bloody chambers, mirrors and flowers.

The techniques I used in this installation were a combination of print, set dressing and film. With contextual research into the symbolism of the story as well as conceptual designs for ideas about exploration, immersion and interactivity.


Missing - Short FilmMissing - Short Film

This short film titled Missing is a found footage film about two travel vloggers who get lost en-route to their next location and one of them goes missing under strange circumstances.

I looked into the psychology of fear for this film. I noticed that the main fears that are utilised in horror or thriller films are fear of being alone, the unknown, the dark, being lost, being trapped, being exposed and being watched. All of which stem from base primal fears that we need to survive.

This pushed the main points of my film to be a sense of isolation and remoteness of an unknown wild place as well as an ambiguous hidden threat.

Conceptually I designed an installation around the showing of the film, these were for a campfire storytelling style setting, that would pop up temporarily in festivals.

This piece of work was my submission for my Negotiated Project on the course.


Einstein's Dreams - Visual MerchandisingEinstein's Dreams - Visual Merchandising

This is one example of my designs for window displays in bookshops at the hay on wye festival.

My conceptual design involved movement, like cuckoo clocks at specific times of the day in each display around the route of the festival, as the stories they are inspired by are related to the perception of time.

Incorporating digital work with paper based craft and model making I created 8 different designs and one scale model for the Identifying Personal Direction module in my second year.

Madame TussaudsMadame Tussauds

This is one of the designs for my concept for a new Madame Tussauds in Stratford-upon-Avon that focuses on British Literature.

I mainly used SketchUp for my designs and came up with concepts for twenty two different areas within three sections; Classic Literature, Children's Literature and Popular Fiction. Each author would have their own section designed to resemble locations from their most popular works. Above is my design for the Lewis Carrol area.

This was a live brief for Merlin and my designs were pitched to the Madame Tussauds team and I managed to be narrowed down to the last 3 for a summer internship.