Eleen Tan

BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing Coordinator and Fashion Illustrator 

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Visual Communication graduate Eleen, has been working as a Programme Coordinator of BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing at First City University. In addition to this Eleen has also worked with many well-known fashion and beauty brands providing a number of live drawings and fashion illustrations.

What course did you choose to study at Birmingham City University and why?

I studied BA (Hons) Visual Communication and continued my MA in Visual Communication. I chose to study at BCU as it...fully supports contemporary practice in an international context, to further my skills and widen my knowledge of the communication arts and industries.

When you started university, did you have a career path in mind?

Yes. I wanted to become a professional fashion illustrator who worked actively in the fashion illustration industry. I also had in mind to work as an illustration lecturer as I knew I would take great pleasure in contributing and educating the younger generation, by sharing my skills and knowledge.

Since graduating what industry experience have you gained?

I have been working with many well-known fashion and beauty brands by providing fashion illustration live drawings during promotional or VIP events. I also work on some special editorial fashion illustration projects with a few leading fashion magazines.

Do you have any tips for current students about ‘life after graduation’?

The industry is looking for graduates who are able to multitask. Thus, I would advise the current students to learn how to manage their time well in order to achieve the expected outcome on time. As a creative practitioner, you will need to adapt and respond to the demands of industry.

 What are your aspirations for the future?

Set up my working studio and to start my own fashion illustration business. I am hoping to make it available internationally soon.

How have your studies at BCU supported your professional development?

I developed my knowledge and challenged my creative practices during my studies at BCU, not to mention the support, by a high-profile group of practitioners, theorists, academics and professionals in the creative and cultural industries who enable me to realise my potential.

What advice would you give to students thinking of applying to the School of Visual Communication?

Birmingham City University offers outstanding facilities with a very good learning environment for you to explore your creativity and produce meaningful work. You are encouraged to be open-minded, to learn and to accept new knowledge.

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