Paul Lander

Paul Lander - Staff

Associate Head of Photography (Lecturer)

School of Visual Communication

2005 to Present day:

Academically, my main passion is Landscape and Documentary photography, and after many years of documenting and researching Landscape issues I gained a Masters Degree specialising in Man’s degrading interaction with the environment. My exhibitions since range from Landscape studies, to politics, to environmental issues:

Black & White Dog, 1994, - Diabolical Liberty, 1997, - Plantscapes, 2009, - Reflect, 2011.

1983 to 2005:

Professionally: I worked as a Technical demonstrator in Photography at BCU that led to me becoming Principal Technician. My initial training and qualifications are as a studio practitioner. I worked in my own commercial photographic consultancy up until 2002. (Redhead) for many years. My client list included:

British Nuclear Fuels Ltd, National Health Service,

Mitchell & Butlers (Bass), Saucony and the BBC.

I am currently building a data base of Photography companies in Birmingham area to create industrial links as part of a teaching and learning research initiatives

My current research Project is entitles ‘How Green was my valley’. This proposal is a Photographic study of an urban encompassed area in the West Midlands called the Sandwell Valley. It intends to be a landscape documentary, observing the many historical facets and metaphoric layers that contribute to the Valley’s existence in its historic and present day form.

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