Chloé Masi

Chloé graduated from the Royal College of Art in Communication Art and Design (Illustration) and gained academic experience in a number of art schools including London College of Fashion, Arts University Bournemouth, and the University of the West of England.

She has experience of teaching international students at several art schools, including the International Preparation for Fashion course at London College of Fashion. Her academic and artistic interests focus on drawing, pedagogy and visual communication.

Chloé is an Executive Committee member of the Material Encounters Research Cluster at Birmingham City University. She co-founded the Drawing Research Group at the University of the West of England who she continues to collaborate with in-conjunction with BCU.

Chloé’s drawings have been exhibited widely in museums and galleries including the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Rabley Drawing Centre and the Museum of East Asian Art. Her drawings have been selected for the Rabley Drawing Centre’s Sketch competition in 2014 and 2017. Chloé’s drawings explore the potential of sketching. Her sketches are made up of essential lines and marks. Chloé explores the ability of the sketch to capture a first-person point of view, including one’s observations, past memories and future imaginings simultaneously. Secondly, she explores the potential of the specific materials that the sketch involves -the paper and the pencil – and the connection between these materials and their abilities to capture intuitiveness, immediateness and directness.

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