Welcome to BCU FAQs

Here you can find answers to a range of questions about joining BCU, from enrolment to getting set up with your access to BCU systems.

Starting at BCU


When will I receive my student ID card?

Once you have completed online enrolment and your photo has been approved, your ID card will be posted to your home address. You will get an email notification once it has been sent.

Please note that we cannot print and post your ID card unless you have uploaded a suitable photo.

If we have not been able to post your ID card, we will let you know where to collect it from when you arrive.


I have asked for my student ID card to be posted to me, when will it arrive?

Your ID card will be posted to your home address using second class delivery service, up to two weeks before the start of your course. You will get an email notification once it has been sent. If your card has not arrived after 10 working days if receiving your email notification, please contact the Enrolment Support Team.


When is my induction and when does my course start?

Please click on this link, enter your course name and you will find your Welcome Guide which contains details of your induction activities and the dates you will be expected to start your course Welcome Week | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


What happens during Welcome Week?

There are a host of activities which take place during Welcome Week to help you to settle in. Find out more here - Welcome Week | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


Do I have to attend welcome week activities?

We encourage students to participate at it gives you a chance to meet your course team, make friends and find your way around campus before teaching begins.


Can I attend timetabled sessions before I am fully enrolled?

You are expected to attend all of your timetabled sessions from the first week of teaching, even if you are still completing your enrolment.

Attendance is monitored from the start of term, if you have not been given a student ID card let your lecturer know that you are there and ask them to mark you as present.


Where can I find my log in details?

To log in to iCity and your BCU email account, you will need your student login details (these are different to your mySRS Portal login details). Once you have received your invite to enrol, your log in details will be emailed to you.

If you have not received your log in details within 48 hours, please check in your email junk/spam folder. If you still cannot find them, contact ithelp@bcu.ac.uk

PLEASE NOTE: When you first use your new login details to access any BCU services from outside of the University (including your new email account, Moodle, iCity etc.) you will be prompted to register for Multi Factor Authentication (MFA).

See here for more information on how to register for MFA -  www.bcu.ac.uk/about-us/corporate-information/policies-and-procedures/mfa


Do I need to attend all my timetabled sessions?

Students are expected to attend all timetabled sessions and engage fully with your studies.

The University is committed to helping students engage and achieve the best possible outcomes from their studies. For more information on the attendance monitoring process see Student Academic Engagement Policy (The Student Contract | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk))


I cannot see my modules on Moodle. What should I do?

Please contact your Faculty Student Centre who will be able to help you. 


I get an error message when I try to access my Moodle module. What should I do?

Please send a screenshot of the error message, along with your Student ID number, to IT Help at ithelp@bcu.ac.uk who will be able to assist you. 


I need help finding my way around campus

During welcome week look out for student ambassadors around campus who can help you. We encourage you to find your Faculty Student Centre on your first day as they can help you with any queries relating to your studies at BCU. This will include sign posting to other BCU services that you may need access to.


How can I contact my course team?

Contact details can be found here: Faculty Student Centre


Where is my Faculty Student Centre located?

Please click on the link to find the location of your Faculty Student Centre


Where can I find my timetable?

To view your timetable for the day: Click on the Today's Timetable tile on the iCity homepage

To get a longer-term view of your timetable:

  • Log in to iCity
  • Click the BCU Links button in the top left-hand side 
  • Click Your Calendar

You can also View your timetable on the iBCU app which you can download on any IOS or Android mobile phone. You will need your ID and password to log in.


What should I do if I cannot view my timetable?

Timetables should be released before your course start date. More information will be available in your Welcome Guide.

If you cannot see your timetable by the time your teaching starts please contact your School Office who will be able to help you.


How can I get a council tax exemption letter?

As students in full time education, you are exempt from paying council tax. However, it is important that you ensure that Birmingham City Council are aware of your student status.

Your faculty at BCU will either inform the council of your status automatically or you may need to complete an exemption form, which you will find here (Students - application form | Birmingham City Council)

Don’t forget to include a copy of your council tax exemption certificate which you can generate yourself.

To generate your own letter please log into MySRS (https://mysrs.bcu.ac.uk) an select the “Request Formal Letter”.  Your letter will be emailed to your BCU email address.

Please note: to obtain this letter you must be fully enrolled.


I am a PHD student and cannot generate letters on the MySRS portal, what do I do?

You will need to request letters from the Doctoral Research College. Contact information can be found here - Doctoral Research College | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


How can I sign up to sports clubs and societies?

Get involved with BCUSU! Find out about clubs, societies and volunteering opportunities here - Get Involved (bcusu.com)


What shall I do if I think I have dyslexia, dyspraxia, dyscalculia, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

Please send an email to disability@bcu.ac.uk to enquire about screenings and support.


Is there anything else I need to do over the summer for prepare for uni?

Make sure that all your enrolment tasks are green and you have received a confirmation email that your enrolment is completed. Once these are completed, you’re officially a student at BCU!

We also suggest downloading the preparing for Uni guide to help you get ready for student life and checking your Welcome Guide so that you know when to arrive and participate in your induction activities!



When can I enrol on my course?

You will need to complete a series of online enrolment tasks before arriving at BCU. An invitation to enrol will be emailed to you at least one month before your course start date provided you have accepted an unconditional offer.

You should complete all enrolment tasks online before you arrive at BCU.

Some students will need to book an on-campus appointment to complete enrolment. If you need to attend an appointment you will be able to book this in your enrolment task.

Once you are officially registered as a student at BCU, you will receive an enrolment confirmation email. Your student ID card will be posted to your home address. If we have not been able to post your ID card, we will let you know where to collect it from when you arrive.  


When I applied for the course I used the wrong email, can I change this?

Please email studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk with your Student ID and let us know your correct email address, so that we can update it for you. 


I have been offered a place at BCU but have not received an email inviting me to enrol, what should I do?

Firstly check that you have accepted your unconditional offer. If you have accepted and still have not received an email invitation to enrol, please contact the Enrolment Support Team (contact details above). 


I am having problems enrolling online, what do I do?

Click on the help button next to the enrolment task for guidance. You can also ask our Enrolment Support Team to guide you through the tasks by calling 0121 331 5684. We will help you to complete online enrolment whilst you are on the phone.


How can I upload a photo for my student ID card?

You are required to upload a passport-style photo when completing online enrolment. On the enrolment task click ID Card Photo Upload and then Update and follow the instructions on the screen. 


I cannot upload a picture onto the MySRS portal, what can I do?

Email your photo to the Enrolment Support Team studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk with your student ID. We will upload your photo for you and let you know when your ID card has been posted to your home address. If we have not been able to post your ID card, we will let you know where to collect it from when you arrive at BCU.   

Please note that the photo must have the following specifications:

  • JPEG file
  • Pale/light background
  • Portrait (headshot)
  • Colour
  • No filter
  • No hats or headgear (unless worn for religious reasons)

My course details are incorrect, what can I do?

Click on the Course Details enrolment task and check your course details carefully. If your course or start date is incorrect, please let us know and provide further details. This will turn the task blue, and a staff member will check it and contact you.


I have completed my online enrolment; do I still need to come onto campus to enrol?

Once you finish each enrolment task, the task will change to green to show that you have completed it. So, if you’ve completed everything, all your tasks will be green, and we will send you an email confirmation verifying you are fully enrolled on your course.   

If the tasks are blue, it means a BCU member of staff may need to look at this task before they can complete this for you, so please be patient and we will check it as soon as we can.

You may also need an on-campus appointment, you will be advised of this in the enrolment tasks. Only once this appointment has been held and all tasks completed, will you be fully enrolled.

If you are not sure what is outstanding or have any questions about the enrolment process or your ID card, please contact the Enrolment Support Team (contact details above).


How do I complete the on-campus course ID Check?

Your on-campus course ID check will happen nearer to your course start date and may be in person or via MS Teams – (in these cases your Faculty Student Centre will be in contact about this in due course).


Where can I find my BCU email and password?

When you are invited to enrol you should receive a separate email with your student login details, which you can use to access iCity, Moodle, email and more. If you don’t receive this or have problems accessing your account you can contact IT at ithelp@bcu.ac.uk


My date of birth (DOB) is incorrect how can I change it on the portal?

You cannot change your DOB on the portal, please email evidence of your DOB e.g., passport, along with your Student ID number, to studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk and we can arrange to get this changed for you.


My name is incorrect. How can I change it on the portal?

You cannot change your name on the portal, please email evidence of your legal name e.g. passport, along with your Student ID number, to studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk and we can arrange to get this changed for you.


I cannot upload my proof of qualifications. What should I do?

Please send the document(s) to studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk along with your Student ID number and we will upload the document/s for you.


I have not found accommodation yet, so I do not have a contact address to put on the Enrolment portal. What should I do?

Please place your UK home address as your term time address. You can then amend this afterwards by logging back into your MySRS portal and clicking on the address tile on your homepage. Don’t forget to update your address once you have secured your accommodation, it is important that we have correct details for all students.


My enrolment link isn't working. How can I enrol?

To go back into your enrolment page please log back into your MySRS portal (https://mysrs.bcu.ac.uk/), log in with your applicant ID and password then click on the Course option from the menu and you will see a section called Enrolment.

When you go into this section you will have the option to “view details” or “enrol now” which will then take you back to the enrolment page.


I have selected the wrong tuition fee option. What should I do?

Please contact the Enrolment Support Team with your student ID number and confirm which option you intended to select. We will then assist you to update this information.


Why is the tuition fee task on my enrolment portal blue (pending approval)?

If it is blue, it means a member of BCU staff needs to look at this section before it can be completed. If you are receiving a Post graduate loan from Student Finance, please upload your Student Finance Entitlement Summary onto the enrolment task.

If you are having difficulties uploading your funding document, please email it, along with your Student ID number, to BCU’s Collections Team at collections@bcu.ac.uk.   

If you are a sponsored student and need support or have any queries, please contact sponsor@bcu.ac.uk


When is the deadline to enrol?

We ask that all students enrol by the time your teaching starts. This will ensure that you have access to all the resources that you need to successfully start your course. 


Who can I contact about enrolment?

The Enrolment Support Team can be contacted by email or telephone. The team are available Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm.

Email: studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk
Telephone: +44 121 331 5684  

When you contact the Enrolment Support Team via email, please include your Student ID number. When calling please have your Student ID number to hand, as this will enable us to assist you with any queries you may have.



When can I move in?

You can move in on the start date as indicated on your Tenancy or Licence Agreement. If you need to move in earlier or later than this date please contact Accommodation Services to advise them.


Can I view my accommodation before I move in?

It is not possible to view the halls of residence independently, but some faculties do arrange talks and viewings as part of their Applicant Visit Days. Tours of selected halls are also available on our University Open Days


What is provided in my room/flat?

In your room

  • Bed with mattress
  • Mattress protector

  • Desk, chair, wardrobe

  • Bookshelf, notice board, mirror

  • Blinds or curtains

In your flat

  • Fridge/freezer

  • Cooker

  • Microwave

  • Toaster/kettle*

  • Vacuum cleaner

  • Dustpan & brush, mop & bucket, Kitchen Bin

  • Iron/ironing board

*Please note: Toaster and kettle are not provided at Bentley House.


What items do I need to bring?

You should bring:

  • Bedding (duvet, pillows, sheets, pillowcases) - just remember to check your bed size first!
  • Laptop/mobile phone and charger/s
  • Towels (tea and bathroom)
  • Cutlery and crockery (plates, bowls, mugs, glasses, pots & pans, knives and forks)
  • Clothes hangers
  • Medicines (paracetamol, lemsip, plasters)
  • Cleaning products (washing up liquid, surface cleaner, sponge, scourer)
  • Basic food provisions until you do your first shop
  • Home comforts

Remember, it all has to fit in your room (and car). Plus, a lot of things you can buy when you get here.

You can pre-order bedding and kitchen packs from the Unikitout website and they will be delivered to your room ready for your arrival. Use the promotional code 'BCITY10' – this discounts all orders by 10 per cent.


What items are not allowed?

You can't bring:

  • Pets (as much as we love them)
  • Candles, joss sticks, oil sticks, heated wax
  • Fireworks
  • Portable heaters
  • Plug in fairy lights
  • Your own furnishings/curtains
  • Foam covered bedding material and inflatable furniture
  • Fridges
  • Electric blankets

Can I send my luggage/parcels in advance of my arrival?

No, as there are no storage facilities available. Please do not send anything in advance of your arrival at the University.


Can I bring a car?

Parking is extremely limited and costly, it is much easier to get around by bus/bicycle or on foot, as well as being better for the environment.

There is limited parking at The Heights and Queens Hospital Close (please contact them directly to check availability and cost).

There is no parking available at University Locks, Jennens Court, Lakeside, Staniforth House and Bentley House.


What options of contract length are there?

39, 40, 41, 43, 44 and 45.4 week contracts are most suitable for undergraduates, whereas postgraduates usually prefer the 51 Week contract. If you choose a shorter contract and find you need to extend over the summer vacation, you can apply for this directly with the accommodation provider.


Do I need a TV licence for my room if I choose to watch TV?

If you watch or record programmes as they’re being shown on TV or live on an online TV service or download or watch BBC programmes on iPlayer – live, catch up or on demand – you will need a licence. Get more information about TV licensing.


Do I need to upgrade my contents insurance?

This will depend on what equipment/belongings you will be keeping in your accommodation. It is advisable to obtain additional for specific items such as musical instruments and laptops.

Please see below your contents insurance provider along with the policy number to review which will show you;  

  • What is and what isn’t covered

  • Key exclusions - where cover isn’t provided

  • Policy excess – the amount you pay when you make a claim

  • How to make claim

  • Personalise cover.

Policy details below:

Accommodation  Insurance Provider Policy Number
Bentley House Endsleigh Insurance HH1437
Jennens Court Endsleigh Insurance HH1072
Lakeside Endsleigh Insurance HH1072
Queens Hospital Close Cover4Students Host 21
Staniforth House Endsleigh Insurance HH1072
The Heights Endsleigh Insurance HH1628
University Locks Endsleigh Insurance HH1123

What is the Accommodation induction and when is it available to view?

The Online Induction/Welcome contains important information about your move to Birmingham City University, including where you'll need to go to collect your keys, the teams who are here to help you during your stay, safety information, health and wellbeing advice, and lots more.

You will be emailed a link to your online induction prior to arrival.


How can I find my postal address?

You can view your postal address on the specific accommodation page on our website or once you have accepted your accommodation offer you, will be emailed with a link to your accommodation Facebook page where you can also view this.


Do I need to register with a doctor in Birmingham?

We strongly encourage students new to Birmingham to register with our healthcare provider Handsworth Wood Medical Centre (part of the Modality Partnership), which runs surgeries from City Centre and City South campuses.



How much do I need to pay to be able to enrol?

If you are self-funded, you need to make sure that you have paid the minimum amount of 50% of your course fees before your enrolment appointment. Payments can be made via the online payment portal here -  Payments | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk) 

Scholarships will only be deducted from balance after the 50% deposit has been paid.

If you are unsure how much you need to pay or need help with payment, please contact BCU’s Collections Team at collections@bcu.ac.uk

If you have told us that you are getting a Student Loans Company (SLC) loan you do not need to pay a deposit, however if your loan is not approved you will become liable for paying your tuition fees.


When is the deadline to pay my tuition fee?

If you are self-funded, you need to make sure that you have paid the minimum amount of 50% of your course fees before you can complete enrolment. If you are not able to make this payment you will not be able to enrol and continue studying on your course.


How do I tell BCU if I’m using a student loan to pay my fees?

You will be able to let us know that you’re paying your tuition fees with a student loan during your enrolment.


When will I receive my student loan payments?

You will receive your loan in three instalments. If you start your course in September, these payments are usually made in September, January and April. If you’re an undergraduate student, your tuition fees will be paid directly to BCU. However, if you’re a postgraduate student your fees will be paid to your bank account, so you’ll need to ensure this is paid to BCU as soon as you receive it.


How do I pay my tuition fees if I’m self-funded?

If you’re self-funded, we’ll send you an invoice to your BCU email address. Once you’ve received this, you can either pay your fees straight away online or set up an instalment plan to spread the cost across the year using the BCU student invoice payment portal.

You’ll have to set up a card payment plan for your invoice and the payments will be made automatically on the due date.

Tuition fee invoice payment and plan set up


How do I pay my tuition fees if I’m being sponsored?

If your fees are being paid by a sponsor, you’ll need to provide a letter from your approved sponsor during enrolment. Your sponsor letter must:

  • Be on the sponsor’s official letterhead
  • Clearly state the full student name and your student number
  • Include the sponsored amount or the proportion of the fees sponsored
  • Provide the academic years for sponsorship(clearly stated if multiple years)
  • Provide details of the course or programme
  • Provide full details of where the invoice should be sent, including Sponsor contact name, details, postal address and e-mail address
  • Be signed by the person authorising the sponsorship
  • Provide any reference number or purchase order for the organisation sponsoring
  • Meet the requirements of the apprenticeship contract

When will I get an invoice for my tuition fees?

Soon after you’ve enrolled, our Finance team will send your tuition fees invoice to your BCU email address unless you told us during enrolment that you’re paying with a student loan and this has been verified by the Student Loan Company.

Once you’ve received your invoice, you can either pay it in full or set up a payment plan online using the payment portal (show ipay.bcu.ac.uk on screen).


I am fully enrolled and and it has been a few weeks, why haven’t I received my maintenance loan?

Please contact our Fees and Funding Team at funding@bcu.ac.uk


How is the Up-Grade scholarship paid?

The £1,000 will be paid into your bank account in three instalments during the first year of study.

The first instalment will be paid at the end of December.

If you are in debt to the University for your fees, the scholarship will not be paid in cash but instead it will be credited to your student account in three instalments.

You do not need to apply for the Up-Grade scholarship as the Admissions team will check your eligibility. Successful students who fully enrol will receive a congratulations email with a link to a secure form to submit bank details to Finance in order to receive the scholarship.


When will I get my Up-Grade scholarship payments?

More details of the dates when the scholarship is paid will be made available here shortly.


What other support for Student Finance advise and financial help is available?

The Student Support team can advise if you need extra financial help – further information is available on icity here and in the BCU website here.

Using IT at BCU


How do I get my University email address?

When you are invited to enrol, you will receive a separate email with your student login details, which you can use to access iCity, Moodle, email and more.

Your University email address is usually in the format: Firstname.Lastname@mail.bcu.ac.uk. To access your emails you can log on to iCity and click the mail icon in the top right of the page or type mail.bcu.ac.uk into your browser. If you need help with your email address or your student ID and password, contact IT Help.


Can I change my password?

If you have been set up with Multi Factor Authentication, you will now have access to reset or change your password for BCU services when you:

  • Are working remotely from the BCU network (at home or somewhere else off campus),
  • Have internet access and,
  • Have access to another device (a mobile phone or tablet).

Can I get University emails on my phone or other mobile device?

Yes, you can set up as many devices as you like to receive your student emails. For more details, see our videos on YouTube or visit iCity. IT Help staff can help you set up your phone at the locations above.


Can I use my personal email at University?

Your student email account will be the main point of contact used by the University to send you important information, so please make sure you check it regularly.


What is Moodle?

Moodle is the University’s standard virtual learning environment. This provides a web-based system to support students in their learning. Information and resources can be uploaded to course topics as well a variety of other activities including the e-submission of coursework, discussion groups, and on-line tests.

Find out more about Moodle.


What is iCity?

iCity is the University’s portal giving you access to your emails, timetable, course information, Moodle, Faculty information pages, Library information, University messages and news in one place.


How do I log on to iCity from home?

Type icity.bcu.ac.uk into your Internet browser and enter your student ID and password when prompted. Alternatively, go to the University website and follow the useful links in the top right-hand corner.


Can I use my own laptop or tablet to access WiFi at the University?

Yes, the WiFi network at Birmingham City University is called Eduroam. Select WiFi settings on your device and search for the Eduroam network. Once you have selected this, enter your University email address and password to connect. For more details, see our videos on YouTube or visit iCity. IT help staff can help you set up your laptop or tablet if required.


Can I access Eduroam from University Locks?

Eduroam is not currently available in University accommodation.


Where can I get WiFi access in the University?

All campuses have wireless access in most locations.


What is Your Course?

Your Course gives you quick and easy access to your personal course and module information directly from iCity. You can view upcoming assignments, access Moodle, find contact details for your module and course leaders as well as your personal tutor. At a glance, you can see where you are in your studies and what work needs to be done.


What is the iBCU App?

The iBCU App gives you easy access on mobile devices to iCity and many other features and services. Use the following links to download the App for Androidiphone or Windows.

International students


Do I need to book an enrolment appointment, or can I turn up on the day?

We ask that you book in advance so that we know when to expect you. You can book an appointment on your MySRS portal when completing the online enrolment task.

Appointments will take place on campus in Curzon building. The enrolment centre is located on the first floor in room C140. Please book the first available appointment that you can attend, that way we can ensure you are enrolled as soon as possible.  

If you haven’t arrived in the UK yet, choose the appointment date closest to your predicted arrival date.

You will receive email confirmation once your appointment is booked. You can change your appointment by logging back into the enrolment task on MySRS portal.

If you come to enrolment without an appointment, we will do our best to accommodate you, but during busy periods we may need to book an appointment for you to return.      


Can I bring a friend or family member with me to my enrolment appointment?

There are lots of activities taking place at the start of term which means that campus can get busy. To help manage queues we ask that you do not attend enrolment in large groups. Only students with appointments should come to the enrolment centre.


What documents do I need to bring with me to my enrolment appointment?

Please have your Student ID number ready when you come in to see us.  

Please bring the following documents:

  • Passport  
  • Biometrics Residence Permit (BRP) if you have already collected it.  
  • Your dependants’ passports if you are collecting their BRP  
  • Proof that you have paid 50% deposit. PLEASE NOTE: this does not include any scholarship awarded.  
  • Have your UK termtime address and UK mobile number (if you have one) ready to show us  
  • Any other documents that you have been asked to provide

Providing proof of qualifications:

  • Admissions team will contact you to confirm which qualifications you need to bring. If you aren’t sure, you can contact them on International.admissions@bcu.ac.uk before your appointment.

My course is based at City South Campus, where do I go for my enrolment appointment?

You must attend an appointment at City Centre Campus. The enrolment centre is located on the first floor in room C140.  Maps and directions can be found here - City Centre Campus - Map and Directions | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)

Please check your booking confirmation email for the location before attending. 


Where do I collect my Biometric Resident Permit (BRP)?

The decision letter you have received from the Home Office will tell you where your Biometric Resident Permit (BRP) will be delivered to in the UK. 

If you are collecting your BRP from University, this will be issued during your enrolment appointment. Please book an appointment after you have received email confirmation that it is ready for collection.  

If you are collecting your BRP from the Post Office, you must collect it before attending your appointment. If your BRP is delayed, please let us know by emailing studentegagement@bcu.ac.uk , don’t forget to include your Student ID number.


I am arriving in the UK after the start of my course. What should I do?

Please update your travel plans and arrival details on the mySRS portal. If anything changes you will need to log back in and keep us updated.

You should arrive in the UK before the start of your course. If you are going to be late you need to let the Student Engagement Team know by logging this on the mySRS portal or by emailing studentengagement@bcu.ac.uk for approval. Please note that late arrivals may not be accepted and you may not therefore be able to commence your course at BCU.


How much do I need to pay to be able to enrol?

If you are self-funded, you need to make sure that you have paid the minimum amount of 50% of your course fees before your enrolment appointment.

Any scholarships which may have been awarded are not included in this amount it will be deducted off the remaining amount after enrolment.


Can I pay for my tuition fee in cash?

No, but at BCU we have a range of secure payment options. Information on payments can be found here -  Payments | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


When is the deadline to pay my tuition fee?

If you are self-funded, you need to make sure that you have paid the minimum amount of 50% of your course fees before you complete enrolment. If you are not able to make this payment you will not be able to enrol and continue your course. 


How do I open a UK bank account?

Guidance on opening a UK bank account can be found on the BCU website here (Planning your finances - Living costs | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


How do I set up a UK telephone number?

You do not need to be a citizen of the United Kingdom to buy a sim card. Please do your own research before choosing the best mobile network for you.

You might want to compare the network here: Mobile Phone Networks | Comparethemarket


Do I need to attend all my timetabled sessions?

Students are expected to attend all timetabled sessions and the University is committed to helping students engage and achieve the best possible outcomes from their studies.  

As an international student studying under a Student Visa, you will be subject to the attendance monitoring process set out in the Student Attendance Policy. You may also be subject to additional attendance requirements to ensure that the University can meet its legal obligations and that you fulfil the conditions of your visa. If you have low attendance and engagement, then the University may withdraw you from your course and report your withdrawal to the Home Office.

The Student Academic Engagement Policy can be accessed from the Student Contract page under the relevant academic year. 


How do I register with a GP?

Find information on how to register with a GP here:  Register with university healthcare : Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk)


Who can help me to find somewhere to live during term time?

The Accommodation team can help with finding University accommodation. You can find information here Accommodation | Birmingham City University (bcu.ac.uk) or contact the team at accommodation@bcu.ac.uk

BCUSU can also help with student housing, please visit Housing (bcusu.com) for lots of handy hints and tips.


If I have Issues with BRP Card/Visa who do I contact?

The Student Services Batch Visa Scheme Team will be able to advise you, you can contact them at batch@bcu.ac.uk