Complete Guide to Postgrad Loans

There are lots of factors to consider when thinking about studying a postgraduate course. One of the biggest considerations is the funding of it. We have outlined what you need to know about funding your postgraduate course so that you can easily go through the options applicable to you.

Whether you qualify for a scholarship or want to fund it out of your own pocket, this guide will help you decide what is best.


If you are currently studying at BCU or graduated from BCU within the last two years, you could qualify for a 20% discount when applying for a postgraduate. The Graduate Scholarship is aimed at encouraging you to fulfil your postgraduate potential by continuing your academic career at BCU, or returning within two years of graduating. Find out more about the Graduate Scholarship.

International students have a postgraduate scholarship that can be applied for so that you can continue your education at BCU. There is more information on International Scholarships on our website.

How much you get for a postgraduate loan

If you are applying in 2022 you can take advantage of government-backed loans of up to £11,836 for postgraduate study. The loans are available for all subjects and are a contribution to costs including fees and living costs. Visit the GOV website for more information.

Government-backed doctoral loans are also available to those studying postgraduate doctoral courses, such as PhDs. In 2022, eligible students can borrow up to £27,265 for their education. There is more information on the GOV website if you are interested in applying.

Read more about the funding of your Master’s and calculate your repayments.

Alternatively, you can self-fund your payments

You don’t have to get a loan to study a postgraduate course, you can use personal savings or money made available to you from your family.

Please note that in 2022, if your fees are over £1,500, 50% of your fees must be paid to complete your enrolment onto the course. Read more about self-funding your postgraduate course to see if it is an option for you.

Balancing your loan with work

Lots of students decide that working a job alongside their course is the best way of managing their payments.

Students can become paid BCU Student Ambassadors, working within the university to help balance their finances. Student Ambassadors are an integral part of university events such as Open Days, Taster Days and wider showcase events.

More information

Watch our postgraduate finance webinar for more information.