Self funding

Student doing financial budgetYou can fund your postgraduate study from savings or use money made available from family. You could approach employers, who may be able to fund the study. Students often combine working with their study too. We have many students who work either full time and study part time or work and study part time.

The following options are available if your fees are £1,500 or more for either option. 

All self-funding Postgraduate students must pay 50% unless they are being provided with a loan from SLC.

Those students in receipt of Postgraduate SLC loan are eligible to pay in 3 recurring card payments which are in line with receipt of your SLC loan payments:

20 October 2022
20 February 2023
20 May 2023

These instalments can be set up on receipt of invoice after enrolment here.

Those students not in receipt of a loan must pay 50% of their fees to complete enrolment. The remainder of the fees must be paid in either one or six further instalments:
50/50 Plan remaining instalment

5 December 2022

6 Month Plan Instalments

9 November 2022
9 December 2022
8 January 2023
9 February 2023
9 March 2023
10 April 2023

These instalments can be set up on receipt of invoice after enrolment here.

For further advice please email quoting your student ID in the subject line.