Student transfer arrangements

Birmingham City University (BCU) is committed to supporting students to transfer between higher education providers where this proves necessary or desirable to enable individual students to complete their degree. We understand that circumstances can change impacting on degree completion such as having to move away from your current place of study for family reasons. We have a number of processes in place to support student transfers both in and out of BCU, and further information, advice and guidance are available below.

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If you are thinking about transferring to a different course either within Birmingham City University or at another University, you will need to take advice from our student support services. It is strongly recommended to take advice regarding the implications for your higher education journey, tuition fees and Student Finance, and this page outlines some of the key points to consider.

The information on this page is for full-time undergraduate home students receiving support from Student Finance England under the Education (Student Support) Regulations. If you are a part-time undergraduate, or a postgraduate student, an International student or receive funding from a different funding authority, please contact the admissions team for further advice as arrangements may vary across the UK. 

Transferring in to Birmingham City University from another University

We are delighted to consider students who want to transfer to us whilst they are studying a degree with another institution. If you are thinking about a move to Birmingham City University we recommend our Open Days which provide the perfect opportunity to chat to our staff and students, and check out our state-of-the-art facilities.

Our admissions team provide advanced entry for all levels of study (foundation & years 1-4) and can be contacted for further information. Typical transfer criteria:

  • You meet our academic requirements for the course at entry.
  • If appropriate we will review any prior study or experience.  You may need to provide a transcript of your progress from your current Higher Education Provider. Please note – if you would like your prior learning to be taken into account this must be done as part of the admissions stage so that you are clear what your offer means and the associated fees before you decide to move.
  • There is space on the course.

If we cannot offer you a place in your chosen year of study, we may still be able to offer you a place in an earlier year of the course, or for the next academic year with full or partial credit recognition and pro-rata reduction in fees for any recognised credit accepted on entry.

Please note - applications to transfer will need to be made through UCAS.

Transferring within Birmingham City University

All new students have an initial ‘cooling off’ period as follows: 2 weeks from accepting an offer, and 2 weeks from starting on a course; during this period transferring within (or to another) University will incur no tuition fee costs.

Birmingham City University also permits internal student transfers up to the Monday of Week 4 of the semester of a course start date. If you wish to transfer to another course after the Monday of Week 4, it is recommended that you complete your current year of studies and submit an application to transfer in the following year. You will need to meet the original entry criteria for the course for which you are applying and will need to take advice from the admissions team as well as the Careers Team to ensure you are fully informed of the implications of your decision. Pastoral and wrap-around support is also available through the University’s Mental Health and Wellbeing Team recognising that the decision to change your course of study may be a complex and difficult one for you.

If you transfer to another undergraduate course within Birmingham City University, the tuition fee will stay the same. If you are unable to transfer before Monday of Week 4 of a course start date and are required to start the new course at the beginning of the following academic year, you may have some fees to pay in respect of your old course, as well as the full fee when you start the new course the following year. You will be advised at the time of application what exemptions and fees are required.

Transferring to another University

If you transfer to a course at another university, you are effectively withdrawing from Birmingham City University and will only pay fees due up to the last census date (fees are due across 3 dates in the academic year). The amount of fees you will have to pay will depend on your official date of withdrawal.  If you transfer mid-year, you could find yourself liable for partial fees at both universities and you should check this with the University to which you are transferring (please also see ‘further information and advice’ below). Please note - you are only entitled to a tuition fee loan for the terms you are in attendance at University.

If you are considering leaving us, please contact your School Office where your Head of Course Oversight (HOCO) will support you through the transfer process. Birmingham City University will support all students with the application process, for example, providing a reference if requested (please note – depending on the duration of study with the University we may only be able to cross-reference the reference provided as part of your initial UCAS application); and providing a copy of your transcript and exit award as part of your application to another institution provided you are not in tuition fee debt to BCU at the time of transfer.

To support the smooth transfer for students transferring to another local institution, Birmingham City University is also working in partnership with a number of other Universities – for more information about this please see Midlands Credit Compass.

Further sources of independent information and advice