Value for money

We spend our income in order to transform our students’ lives through education, and, in doing this, to support the success of our city and region.

The breakdown below shows the costs that we incur in order to achieve this:

  • Academic departments, teaching and student facing support – includes all the teaching costs, and support based in our academic departments to our students, central student-support services, such as library and learning resources, IT help, a wide range of student support including disability support, financial advice, educational advice, extra academic support where needed, careers advice and employability projects.
  • University support services - includes the departments that support the backbone of all the University's dealings with our students (IT, Academic Services, Finance, Human Resources etc)
  • Estates and Facilities include all the costs involved with the Universities buildings and their maintenance.

A chart showing a breakdown of university costs

Total university costs

The chart shows the total university costs.

Academic, teaching and student support 65% £176.5m
Estates and facilities 21.1% £57.2m
Support services 13.9% £37.8m


A chart showing a breakdown of university costs relating to academic teaching

Academic, teaching and student support

The chart shows academic, teaching and student support costs.

Teaching Providing the taught learning experience 63.2% £111.6m
Research and enterprise Delivering impact through our research and enterprise activities - both within BCU and in the wider world 14.6% £25.7m
Bursaries, scholarships and awards Helping students achieve their full academic potential by providing additional financial support 7.2% £12.7m
Student accommodation Investing in our student accommodation 4.5% £7.9m
Library and learning resources Connecting students with physical books and digital resources to develop their study and research 3.4% £6m
Careers and employability Supporting students' next steps as they put their education into practice 2.7% £4.8m
Student support services Being their when students need additional disability, mental health, wellbeing and financial support 2.6% £4.6m
Academic services Providing services throughout the student life-cycle, from enrolment to graduation. 1.8% £3.2m


A chart showing a breakdown of university costs relating to support services

Support services

The chart shows support services costs.

IT Making sure students stay connected and have the technology they need throughout their learning journey 34.7% £13.1m
Finance and HR Keeping our University financially secure and building a great staff team. 25.6% £9.7m
Student Recruitment, Marketing and Communications From first contact with BCU to graduation and beyond - opening up access to higher education, supporting applicants and keeping our community engaged and up-to-date. 22.5% £8.5m
Other support services Other support costs, from the University legal team to our leadership and governance. 17.2% £6.5m


A chart showing a breakdown of university costs relating to estates and facilities

Estates and facilities

The chart shows support estates and facilities costs.

Depreciation Annual cost of capital assets such as properties and IT equipment. 34.4% £19.7m
Rent and rates Costs for provision of our campus including academic and research space and offices for professional services staff. 19.8% £11.3m
Covid costs The costs the University has incurred during the pandemic to provide a safe environment for students and staff. 14% £8.0m
Other estates costs The other costs to keep the campus services running as well as possible. 11.5% £6.6m
Building maintenance Costs for maintaining our campus. 8.7% £5.0m
Energy costs Costs of heating and running our campus. 7.2% £4.1m
Security Keeping our community safe across all our campuses and accommodation sites. 4.4% £2.5m