Career options

We are keen that you are ready for the world of work by the time you graduate from Birmingham City University. People who study sociology progress into a wide variety of jobs.

You will gain a range of relevant and valuable skills that can be applied to both an organisational or community context. To that end, you will learn how to work independently and, through team exercises, in collaboration with others. You will also learn how to work effectively without close supervision.

Valuable transferable skills

You will know how to find information, extract what is important from it and turn it into an argument. These skills and your insights mean it is not surprising that a very wide range of employers see a sociology degree as highly relevant to today’s society.

Beyond this, many people study sociology for the personal enrichment it brings them, broadening their minds and enabling them to see their world in new and interesting ways. Recent graduates have entered into education, teaching, the media, social services and health administration.