At Birmingham City University, we offer broad and challenging sociology courses that look in-depth at society and social changes.

Flexible sociology courses

Flexibility is central to the success of our undergraduate courses in sociology because we can tailor them to reflect your interests. The course can be studied in conjunction with criminology, giving you the opportunity to specialise in more than one area.

Real life skills

Sociology - the study of all things social - embeds you in the world around you, helping you to develop a critical eye for the development, structure, and functioning of human society. For example, who holds power in society, who controls the media, and who controls the people in control? Sociology examines social hierarchies and inequalities, in the workplace and at home, how we spend our leisure time, and why and how people perform their identities and practice their lives.

You will also explore how sociological knowledge can connect with a range of non-academic audiences and how it can equip you with the skills needed to participate in debates not just about what society is but what it could yet be.

Social sciences employability


We offer a wide range of opportunities to help you be more employable, including overseas placements, networking events and guest lecturers.
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Sociology facilities


Teaching takes place in a variety of classroom environments, from formal settings to relaxed surroundings.
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