Career support


We place a strong emphasis on personal development planning and as part of your career planning, you will be encouraged to maintain an e-portfolio relating to your competencies.

The e-portfolio will demonstrate how you have met the core areas of GBC (providing that you attain a 2:2 or above), as well as completing a CV that is tailored for your career path following graduation.

Career Conferences

We have hosted career conferences for our Social Sciences students. This offers a fun way for you to meet psychologists and trainee psychologists in the region, giving you the opportunity to discuss with them your future career aspirations, and take on advice on the routes you can choose to take after graduating.

Employers who have attended previously include:

  • Action for Children
  • Birmingham Crime Diversion Scheme
  • Coventry YMCA
  • Midland Heart
  • West Midlands Police.