Our Vision

Birmingham City University’s School of Social Sciences has a mission to make sense of the world.

Our students and academics work together across disciplines to develop insights into society. We’re focused on everything from understanding crime and punishment to the study of all aspects of psychology and the exploration of social structures and change.

The big picture is everything 

Our teaching and learning are intertwined with research, connecting with communities to see what works. As part of the University for Birmingham, we address the challenges of our city in order to seek practical solutions which have a genuine impact locally. That’s why we are developing a vision of the city’s near future, Birmingham 2029, harnessing a wealth of data to apply intelligent approaches to societal challenges.

We are proudly rooted in a vibrant, diverse and constantly transforming city, but we never shy away from the people and the professionals living and working on the margins of society. Ours is a radical yet practical agenda aimed at positively impacting on society, locally and globally.

We apply our research in real world settings nationally and internationally, working with communities, prisons, hospitals, schools and the police to tackle social problems and understand, and influence, social change.

We foster your social entrepreneurialism, linking with businesses and community organisations both to ensure you have the career options you want and to give you a world of new perspectives – empowering you to make a real impact on the world when you graduate.

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Our Courses

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Our Staff

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Our Research

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