Zahra Shaygan

Zahra Shaygan has received her Master's degree in Business Administration from Birmingham City University, UK, 2010. She has started the PhD research in 2017 in HRM field and also a lecturer in contemporary HR for managers at BCU. The gap between graduating from master degree and starting PhD, she was working in industry section as EFQM manager and HR consultant in Iran. Her responsibilities included implementing EFQM criteria, nevertheless she was more focused on setting vision, mission, strategic plan and HR theories in companies. During working on HR theories, she found out personality assessment tools has not been implemented in Iranian organisations' recruitment process and despite, extensive emphasis on the critical role of applying personality assessment tools in recruitment and also plenty of studies which show personality tests and behavioural interviews are predominant methods in recruitment, there is no evidence of research work on the impact of using personality assessment tools in Iran’s recruitment process.

So, the question is how the Iranian organisations identify valuable and required characteristics of candidates in recruitment? How the interviewers probe in depth about applicants required personality for the job vacancies? What reliable and valid method they use to identify if candidates are person-job fit and person-organisation fit? The literature, with a small number of studies focusing on the critical role of person’s characteristic adaptability with the job roles specifications have been done in Iranian organisations, however they are not sufficient and practical. So, to cover such a gap in Iran’s HR system, she has conducted a research to find out the impact of using personality assessment tools in Iran’s recruitment system.

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