Sabah Athar

Sabah Athar

Lecturer in Law

School of Law

Sabah Athar is a Lecturer in Law specializing in American Legal Studies. She is especially interested in constitutional law in the United States which is reflected in her teaching interests. She primarily teaches on the American Legal Studies LLB pathway. Sabah is an interdisciplinary researcher and academic, stemming from her educational background in American Studies and International Relations at the University of Birmingham.

Sabah is currently completing her PhD at Birmingham City University, which focuses on tracing the constitutional history of the state of Texas and its history of experiments with local democracy through an archival study to provide some explanation as to current experiences of local governments through the lens of the sanctuary city movement. She primarily addresses this with reference to theories of constitutionalism, but also the binary of collectivism and individualism to comment upon the constitutional vulnerability of local governments in the larger constitutional order in the United States.

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