Institute for Digital Experience

The Institute for Digital Experience (IDE) was created in 2010 as part of the University’s strategic investment in new research centres. The University’s other centres are discipline-based and largely hosted within Faculties.

The aim of IDE is to stimulate, integrate and facilitate research in the very broad digital domain across all of the University’s faculties and to encourage cross-disciplinary digital collaborations. IDE creates “high-energy collisions” between digital enabling technologies and end-user applications, generating new ideas and new research.

Through funding allocated from the University Research Development Fund (URDF), IDE has provided funded PhD studentships hosted in TEE and BIAD and has funded more than thirty small Digital Catalyst Grants across a number of faculties, many of which have resulted in new bids for external funding and new research outputs.

IDE has also funded special grants for researchers when support from faculties has been unavailable.