Nursing and Midwifery Facilities

Hello. Welcome to the Professor Carol Doyle Simulation Centre. If you would like to follow, we'll show you around our amazing simulation centre. There are two wards spaces here set up as you'd find them in the hospital with equipment. So you can treat people across the lifespan from paediatrics through to adulthood. They have a range of high fidelity mannequins with lifelike actions, they blink and breathe. This allows us to practice patient assessment and better understanding of vital signs. This is our brand new digital simulation space with one bedroom home suites with full telehealth facilities. In this space, we are able to simulate care in the home environment and using the technology installed, we're able to stream these to larger groups of learners. Welcome to our anaesthetic room. This is the start of the patient's surgical journey. We have the facilities to follow a patient's entire surgical journey, from preoperative anaesthetics to surgery and post-operative recovery. Our use of new digital technologies means that we can learn anatomy and physiology from the whole organ down to a cellular level. This is our telehealth suite, which we can have small group teachings where we might simulate MDT meetings with some small booths around the side for individual use and remote care delivery. This is our basic life support area where we practice our basic life support skills on mannequins. It is essential to have prior to going out on placement. This is our high dependency, complex care area where we can further assess a deteriorating patient. Here, we can work on our communication and teamworking developing our interpersonal skills using SBAR handover and escalation techniques. This is our birthing centre which is set up for high and low risk mums. This is the couch where we are able to support the birthing mother in different positions. We have our birthing pool where we are able to further assist during delivery. We have our resuscitaire's if babies required extra support. This is a high fidelity mannequin that allows us to carry out abdominal palpations, observations and the VR to monitor baby's well-being.

Nursing and Midwifery at BCU boasts state-of-the-art facilities that provide an exceptional learning environment for aspiring healthcare professionals. Hone in on your clinical skills in a safe and realistic setting; explore, learn and develop within every aspect of your speciality. 

If you are a healthcare provider or related business, you may also benefit from hiring our facilities.

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Simulation Manikins

We have several adult and baby Simulation (SIM) manikins which are anatomically correct and used for teaching specific techniques such as advanced adult and paediatric life support skills, acute and high dependency clinical skills, first aid and communication skills. The SIM manikins are complete with software which is used to replicate real symptoms, and are enhanced by the manipulation of for example blood pressure, pulse and heart rate for extra realism.

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Digital Anatomy Tables

A Digital Anatomy Table allows you to investigate anatomy, from organs and muscles to skeletal forms and blood flow. The software includes real-life MRI scan data to help you develop your understanding of anatomy.

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Basic and Advanced Life Support

The Advanced Life Support area is a high dependency unit with monitoring devices which can be attached to people or manikins with outputs shown on the digital screens. The Basic Life Support (BLS) area has dropdown tables which allow you to practice BLS on manikins. Manikins are connected wirelessly to tablets with software which measures the effectiveness of chest compressions.

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Birthing Centre

This skills and simulation space has low and high dependency areas to enable midwives to prepare for a range of birth situations. High Dependency equipment includes a birthing chair and low dependency simulation can be offered with a birthing couch and birthing pool, complete with mood lighting. There is also a nursing chair to allow you to practise supporting breastfeeding, a Resuscitaire machine and equipment for monitoring both birthing person and baby. We also have a specialist manikin which can simulate active labour and birth.

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Mock Wards

We have two general ward rooms which are set up to look like typical hospital wards, with four to six bays. Our manikins and simulation equipment can be used within the wards to replicate different conditions. The wards are used by many of our trainee professionals to prepare them for working in hospitals. As well as nurses and midwives, SLTs, dieticians, physios, radiographers and social workers may also have hospital-based roles, where they work with patients, providing treatment while they are in hospital, and helping with recovery and rehabilitation.

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Digital Health Suite

This room allows for small group teaching in the central area with five small telehealth booths down either side. The rooms offer the opportunity to practise delivering healthcare and advice remotely, either over the phone or on a video call.

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Home Environment Flat

The self-contained home environment flat features a bedroom, shower room with toilet and open plan kitchen and living space. It is hooked up to cameras that can stream lessons and content live to classrooms across the campus and to students at home.

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