Attendance and engagement with study

International student at graduationAs a Student Visa Route holder, you are being sponsored by the University to study full time in the UK. The University has a legal requirement to provide evidence of your attendance and engagement to the United Kingdom Visas & Immigration (UKVI) department within the Home Office and therefore this will be monitored at timetabled classes and lectures.

If you have poor attendance or stop attending your course, the University will withdraw you from your course and will report you to the Home Office and your visa will be cancelled.


How to check in to classes on campus

When you turn up to your class, tutorial or lecture, you need to ensure you have been marked as present on the class register by using the below instructions. If your classroom has a card reader, you can hold your Student ID card up to the card reader (situated near the entrance) to record your attendance when you arrive at your session. You do not need to touch the reader with your card, it is contactless. If your reader shows an error message, make sure you speak to your lecturer as you may be in the wrong location and your attendance will not be registered.

For sessions in classrooms without a card reader, make sure your tutor marks you as attended on our system using their computer.

Stick to your timetable

Our system will record your attendance against your timetable, so please make sure you attend the correct sessions. Your personalised timetable is available to view on iCity. If you believe your timetable is incorrect, please visit your Faculty Student Centre to do so or your attendance will not be recorded.

What happens if I do not attend an on campus timetabled session or engage with my online learning?

The conditions of your Student Route Visa require you to fully engage with your studies at all times. To evidence this you are required to present your Student ID Card at each class you attend as published on your timetable. This includes tutorials, workshops, studio sessions and lectures. You also need to engage with any online learning for your modules.

The University will notify you if you have poor levels of engagement and you will be given a period of time to improve this. If you do not engage with this process or if your attendance and engagement does not improve, you may be withdrawn from your course and this will be reported to the Home Office.

We are required to report your withdrawal to the Home Office within 10 working days and once you have been withdrawn you would need to make arrangements to leave the UK and return to your home country as soon as possible.

Engagement and Communication

You must maintain contact with the University at all times during the academic year, and in particular:

  • You must promptly inform your Faculty Student Centre if you cannot attend a lecture, tutorial or engage with your studies
  • You must monitor your BCU student email account for University communications
  • You must respond promptly to all University enquires
  • You must engage with all aspects of your studies - attending classes, submitting coursework, sitting exams etc.
  • You must update the University of any changes to your circumstances - change of immigration status, change of address, including mobile number, travelling overseas etc.