ODP Student in South Korea

DipHE Operating Department Practice

Callum Sanderson took part in the Summer School programme at one of BCU partner institutions, Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU) in South Korea. This opportunity was facilitated by the Outgoing Summer Schools Overseas 2017 programme offered by the International Office.  

International experience

Callum Sanderson in South Korea

“I most enjoyed meeting and studying with international students from around the world and being taught by the host university’s lecturers. The time not studying was also used greatly to see the local sites and indulge in the culture of South Korea.”

Differences between SKKU and BCU

“Both universities are very similar. Both BCU and SKKU have relatively new facilities and modern equipment. The layouts and teaching areas are very similar also. The students from the host university are also very much like the students of BCU, generally young and very keen to learn.”

Learning new skills

“Although my career plans remain the same, I learnt new skills in Korea. Not least communication skills when there was an obvious language barrier, but also learning that around the world many students have different cultures and that has to be respected. Students have different ways of socialising, different ways of learning and differing views of life and current affairs.”


 “Do it!! It is one of the best experiences I have had in my life. The memories will stay with me forever and I have met some amazing friends both from the UK and abroad.”

ODP South Korea collage