Uniform on placement

As a Health Sciences student, placements will be a big part of your experience with us at Birmingham City University, especially as a Speech and Language Therapist.

Our students usually take part in placements for NHS Trusts, where you can truly experience what it’s like to work with patients who will have speech, communication or swallowing needs. Institutions such as Coventry & Warwickshire NHS Trust, Birmingham Community Healthcare NHS Trust, and Talk Therapy are popular institutions for our student placements, and will all require a similar type of uniform for your time there.


On placement, you’ll be expected to dress smart, professional and unlikely to cause offence. Here’s some tips on items of clothing to avoid:

  • High heeled or open toe shoes
  • Clothing which restricts movement
  • Clothing likely to snag on any equipment
  • Unsecured neck ties or scarves
  • Mini-skirts (Skirts should not be 7cm from the knee)
  • Lycra clothing
  • Transparent or ‘see-through’ clothing
  • Tracksuits
  • Low-cut tops or crop-tops
  • Denim
  • Political badges or emblems
  • Large logos or graphics
  • Long-sleeved clothing. (You must be able to roll your clothing up to the elbow in clinical environments so that washing is accessible).

Cardigans and jackets must also be not be worn during the delivery of care, but feel free to wear them when you’re travelling around the site.


Footwear is entirely dependent on where your placement is, however we usually advise to wear plain black shoes such as boots or brogues. In some instances, it may be possible for you to wear black trainers if you’re placement is somewhere in a charity or public environment, however never assume that trainers are appropriate footwear.


  • Make-up must be worn with restraint so that it’s not readily noticeable and false eyelashes are not permitted
  • Tattoos must be covered up and body piercings must be taken out
  • The only jewellery that you’ll be permitted to wear on placement is one smooth metal band ring and one plain pair of small stud earrings
  • Wrist watches may only be worn in non-clinical areas
  • Nails must be trimmed, clean and unvarnished
  • If you’re hair reaches your collar, then it needs to be tied up, with hair accessories kept to a minimum.

Ultimately, for your placement you should be wearing something that makes you feel comfortable but looks professional. We would always recommend wearing:

  • A short sleeved shirt
  • Professional tapered trousers in grey, black or navy
  • Black boots or brogues – with plain socks
  • No jewellery unless necessary
  • If you have long hair, always tie it up!