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Emma Angeletti - Food and Nutrition

Emma Angeletti - Food and nutrition Student

Food and Nutrition student, Emma Angeletti is from Rome, Italy and moved to the UK to study, as she felt the education system in the here was better suit to her career goals and future aspirations. Hear from Emma on why she chose to study here, what she enjoys most about the course and what advice she has for future students. 

Food and Nutrition

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Why did you choose to study at Birmingham City University? 

When I was applying for university, Birmingham City University was my first choice, when they sent me an offer I accepted immediately. During the last couple of years living in Italy, I had been thinking of studying abroad, since I wanted to change environment and lifestyle. I think the education system the UK offers is also better suited for my career goals and future aspirations, since it involves a more practical approach to scientific subjects rather than just focusing on theoretical knowledge. I chose to study in Birmingham as my mum’s family lives nearby so I'll always have contacts and people I know close by and I also know my way around the area really well.

What attracted you to your course? 

I chose to enrol on this particular course because I've grown up in an environment where food is considered a huge part of our daily routine. My Italian family have always been extremely keen on making sure what we eat is of the highest quality and have always been very passionate about cooking and preparing food.

I've always enjoyed cooking, baking, going out to try new restaurants or watching TV programmes about food. The scientific aspect of food and nutrition also fascinates me. The huge impact our diet has on our health and wellbeing is something I feel like people in the UK underestimate. In Italy I was brought up with healthy, freshly prepared, delicious food, so when I noticed how much people in the UK relied on fast food or ready meals I realised one of my aspirations in life was to raise awareness and educate people on how to live a healthy lifestyle that isn't necessarily hard work, time consuming or expensive. I would also like to delve deeper into the dynamics of eating disorders and how much psychological factors influence how we eat.

What are you enjoying most about your course?

I love the fact that I'm surrounded by people who have similar interests to my own. This has made me more open to sharing my personal experiences and aspirations with other students, since I know we have a lot in common and we can inspire each other too. I really enjoy the fact that I'm finally studying something I'm truly passionate about and that the course covers so many different aspects of food and nutrition, from scientific to cultural, theoretical to practical, giving students the opportunity to discover and explore a wide variety of future career paths.

I’ve found the lectures so interesting! We've talked about food production, nutritional biochemistry and even done a food safety session which was extremely useful and has definitely made me more aware of safety precautions that should be taken around food, which is something I feel like is underestimated, thus causing many unpleasant incidents in recent years.

How do you find the support from staff?

I really appreciate how supportive the staff at BCU are when it comes to making sure students are enjoying university life. It is so refreshing to see how much work is put into student support whether it’s academic or related to health and wellbeing. There are plenty of workshops and tutors if you find yourself struggling with your course work. Even if you just want to check a small aspect of your work for a few minutes there will always be someone there to offer help and guidance and there’s also plenty of online support too. Coming from abroad, I find this very reassuring, since I might not feel confident with my academic writing skills or my public speaking and presentation abilities.

What do you like most about studying here? 

I like the fact it offers so many different specific courses, giving future students a wider range of possibilities that meet their interests and aspirations. The Faculty of Health, Education and Life Sciences is amazing! It offers a very wide and diverse course selection for people who want to work in this sector. When I heard there was a food and nutrition course I was over the moon! Since it is such a new subject I had yet to come across a university that allowed me to enrol on a course focused on my biggest passion. It was an amazing discovery for me since I thought I was going to have to settle for a more generic subject like biology and maybe specialise in food after my three year degree. I'm also looking forward to starting placement and work experience in the food and nutrition sector when the opportunity comes around. I also really like the idea to do practical work in the labs and in the kitchens since I'd like to improve my chemical analysis and most importantly my food preparing skills.

I think life in Birmingham is great for students since it has great night life, shopping centres and restaurants which have a lot of discounts for students. I'm planning to join a few societies this year since I want to meet lots of new people and widen my social circle, since I come from abroad and want to make lots of new connections. Birmingham is a great city for young people and students can benefit from amazing libraries and study spaces too. I love studying and living here since I'm beginning to find independence but it’s also comforting to know my family lives nearby. Overall I feel like Birmingham is not short of entertainment and has amazing universities so by living here you honestly get the best of both worlds!

What are your hopes for the future? 

I'd like to become a nutritionist or dietitian in the future, work to help people suffering from eating disorders and educate people on how to make healthier choices to improve their lifestyle and health.

I would also like to have time to focus on improving my skills, not just for my future career but for myself too. I'd like to join a cooking or baking course and also increase my knowledge on fitness and how it relates to nutrition.

Do you have any advice for future students on your course? 

If you’re passionate about the subject and you’re willing to work hard to reach your goals then this is the course for you. It's intense and often quite demanding, but it can also be very enjoyable, as long as you don’t leave work until the last minute, do revision after lectures and prepare ahead for your assessments, you’ll be able to find a balance between studying and having fun and since it’s all part of the student life.