Carl Dowling

Paramedic Science - BSc (Hons)

Carl had been working in the ambulance sector for eight years before he came to university. He came under the harsh realisation that he wasn’t going to be able to progress through the NHS due to lack of qualifications, but he also didn’t have the grades he needed to apply for a degree. He studied hard to meet the entry requirements and finally made it to BCU to further his skills and knowledge to save even more lives!

"I knew I needed to attend university if I wanted to progress within my ambulance career. This gave me the kick I needed to go back to education after 14 years out of it. I worked hard to gain a maths and English qualification and studied three other courses that were equivalent to A Levels in psychology, biology and sociology. It was a real challenge to meet the entry requirements of the Paramedic Science degree but I couldn’t be more proud that I achieved them.

Whilst at BCU, I’ve mainly focused on my studies as I know I have a lot of work to do in order to pass and get my qualification. The staff are very welcoming and are always there to help, particularly in our SPACE (Skills, Practice and Care Enhancement) room. They’ve been phenomenal and really helped to develop my practical skills. I go in there whenever I have a spare moment from studying to practice certain procedures and there’s always someone on hand to answer any questions I may have.

Having the chance to go out on placement has allowed me to get used to how the job works and look at it differently.

Because of my course, I now feel I have a greater understanding of what this job is. I really love being a part of something that is bigger and greater than myself. The idea of saving lives is what keeps me going."

Nursing I AM BCU CTA

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