Paramedic Science

Here's just a few of the numerous specialist areas that could be open to you once you graduate...


Clinical Mentor

In this role you will support and develop a wide range of paramedics from new starters to experienced and senior paramedic colleagues. You will help to ensure standards of proficiency are maintained and support paramedics professionally to maintain their registration.



You may work on an ambulance or in a car responding to 999 emergency calls providing autonomous emergency care. Other areas of work could be in GP surgery’s out of hours practice or in a private practice.

The role of a Paramedic


Prison Healthcare

Work as a part of a team delivering primary and acute care needs in a prison setting. Here you will work with primary care nurses to provide emergency care and minor injury treatment to patients. You will also be involved in the assessment, planning and evaluation of the patients care. 


Critical Care

Here you will work alongside medical staff to provide care and treatment to the most seriously ill or injured patients in the pre hospital environment.