Operating Department Practitioners

There is currently a shortage of operating department practitioners across the country, so you'll be guaranteed a career in the profession if you successfully complete the course - with the option to continue your professional development after and build on your clinical skills and foundations.

Here's just a few of the numerous specialist areas that could be open to you (in addition to the usual anaesthetic, surgical and recovery phases you get involved with) once you graduate...


Clinical Education Lead

In this role you would support students and qualified staff in their professional development. This includes helping learners to acquire knowledge and clinical skills, and develop appropriate attitudes. The role also includes helping students to become self-directed and lifelong learners.


Surgical Care Practitioner

This role can be performed by a nurse or allied health professional and involves working within a surgical team. You would need advanced perioperative skills, including the ability to undertake surgical interventions.


Surgical First Assistant

As a surgical first assistant you would be an integral part of the surgical team. The team works together in the operating room to ensure the patient receives quality care during a surgical procedure. A surgical first assistant works closely with the surgeon to facilitate the procedure and process of surgery.


Operating Theatre Manager

You could progress to become a theatre manager, managing the theatre and organising and delegating the care provision within the Operating Department while coordinating the management of the theatre team (clinical and admin) and admissions team.


Emergency Department Practitioner

In this role you would act as an independent practitioner, participating in the care of and undertaking assessment, diagnosis, treatment / referral and discharge of patients presenting with minor injury or illness within agreed parameters.


Resuscitation Officer

You would actively teach practical skills, including resuscitation, in an acute care setting. Resuscitation officers educate staff both within the trust and the wider community environment.

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