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Are you interested in studying sports in the United Kingdom's second-largest city? Then look no further. At Birmingham City University, we offer a range of sports degrees, complemented by fantastic facilities and strong industry connections.

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Our partnerships with many leading professional sports clubs provide fantastic opportunities for students to gain hands-on experience working with professional athletes during their time at university. 

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Alexander Stadium

One of the most iconic venues from the Commonwealth Games 2022 will become our latest specialist space, as our Sports and Exercise Sciences courses move into the world-class Alexander Stadium.

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Sports Degrees

Sport is a broad subject area that can lead you to various exciting careers! We offer a range of specialised routes including Sports Therapy, Nutrition, Science, Coaching and Physical Education. 

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Sports Student Stories

Are you considering a placement year or studying sports at BCU? Check out our students' experiences to learn more about their journeys. 

Natasha Charlwood

Sports & Exercise Science student Natasha Charlwood shares her experience as a rugby club's sports science & nutrition intern, working with their teams. 

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Wee Lun Foo

Sports & Exercise Nutrition student Wee Lun Foo shares his second-year placement success at Shrewsbury FC & Birmingham Swimming, highlighting boosted skills and confidence.

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Liam Davies

Sports Coaching & Physical Education student Liam's passion for coaching led him to BCU. Now, he is living his dreams working with sports teams & coaches across the UK.

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Growing up, I watched my dad, do football coaching, I watched him on the sideline and when I hit about 15 or 16 I had a light bulb moment when I then began to realise that that was what I was going to want to do as a career myself. I came to the open day at BCU, saw what the sports coaching course had to offer.

I knew that was going to be the course for me. I'm on my third year placement with BCU here at Solihull Moors Football Club and my role is currently working in the foundation with the under 9’s team. There's been lots of different elements that we've been teaching the kids this season that's really basic ones that don't just count for football, but that they can then use in other parts of their life.

That can be leadership, communication, creativity, all those different elements that can be really important.

"Liam has taught us to like, get into space and cross it in. He’s also taught us how to pass around the back and we don't always have to go forward with the ball so you can play around and you play out the back and then go forward."

"He’s kind and he does do a lot for us. He says to keep our head up and it doesn't matter about the score."

"He’s there when we’re down and he’s definitely there when we’re really happy. He didn't really care about the scoreline at all, as long as we played well."

As a football coach here, I'm not only developing the kids, but they're helping me develop as a person as well. Outside of my placement, I've had lots of other opportunities as well. Getting to be on BBC, working on the show. Hire Me was a fantastic experience. I think I'm ready for moving into an elite environment. I think this placement Solihull Moors have set me up for that.

I'm really glad I chose BCU as my University because they provided me loads of opportunities that helped me to continue to develop as a coach and they put me in a position where I'm coaching at a level three years ago I never thought I would be at.

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Sport at BCU

Sport and exercise offer great benefits both physically and mentally. As a student at BCU, you'll have the chance to try out a new sport or activity or join a weekly session with no strings attached! You'll be able to stay active while you study, meet new people and feel great. Whether you're keeping fit or are interested in competitive sports, BCU Sport has something for you.

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Studying in Birmingham offers you the chance to live and work in the youngest major city in Europe with world-class restaurants, entertainment and shops. Birmingham is home to more than one million people from a range of different cultures and ethnic groups, 40 per cent of this population is 25 and younger.

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