What to wear as a sports student

As you're studying a Sports course with us, uniforms will be an important part of your experience. We've taken the time to speak to course leaders about uniform and below, we'll give you all the information you'll need on the Birmingham City University Sports uniform. 

You will be expected to wear your sports kit for all practical activities that take place in any of our own specialist spaces such as our Sports Hall, Sports Therapy Teaching rooms or clinics, Biomechanics Lab, Fitness Suite or Human Performance Laboratory. If you happen to be at the university just for study periods, then your own clothing can of course be worn. 

The uniform consists of essentials such as a polo top, shorts and a midlayer, all of which the university will provide you with. Please be careful with this uniform however, as we do only provide you with one set of essentials! Whilst here, you'll also have the opportunity to purchase extras for yourself such as jumpers, hoodies and tracksuit bottoms. 

This standard is set across all four sport courses:

  • Sport Coaching and Physical Education
  • Sport and Exercise Nutrition
  • Sport and Exercise Science
  • Sports Therapy

There are exceptions to this uniform rule, as sometimes you'll be required to wear separate items of clothing. For instance, if you're doing any practical lessons in our Food Science Kitchen, you'll be expected to wear an apron. Likewise, if you're doing any practical lessons in our Sports Science Lab, you'll be required to wear a lab coat. 

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