Our Paramedic Science degree offers opportunities to carry out block placements within the course, as well as ad-hoc placements with practice partners so that you can experience many different settings. Placements are designed to give you an insight into a range of career possibilities beyond your degree, so that you have an idea of which areas you like and where you might want to apply and work after.

Second year Paramedic Science student, Moh secured a placement on the paediatric ward at Walsall Manor Healthcare NHS Trust. We asked him some questions to find out more about his time there, what he learnt and enjoyed most.  

How did you find out about this placement?

The lecturers were able to secure a few places at Walsall Manor Healthcare NHS Trust and I was one of the lucky few who got selected to take part in this amazing placement experience.

What did you do on a typical day on placement? 

I would go to the staff room first for a handover from the nurse on the previous shift, but this process varies from ward to ward. The ward I was on only handed over any social concerns, infection concerns and patients to watch to the entire nursing team. We then leave the staff room, see which patient’s we have been allocated and then receive a full patient handover from the nurse.

I received a handover for my patients from the previous nurse who looked after them. I was then allocated to work with a nurse who will help me out and who I can delegate care to and learn from. The rest of my day varied depending on the patient’s I had, their conditions and whether I’m in the high dependency bay or not. I often cared for pre-operative, post-operative and medical admission patients. Aside from doing observations, medication (oral/intravenous) and other assessments, I had many other things I need to do for my patients, such as helping the nurse I’m working with to organise investigations (x-ray, MRI, CT), contact various members of the child’s care team to come and review (doctors, specialist nurses, physiotherapists).

What did you find most beneficial about this placement?

Every day is different as you have different children with different needs. You have tough days and fun days and the work can be very challenging, but it is also very rewarding.

Watching a child get better is a wonderful experience and this gives you a feeling of achievement and satisfaction at the end of a long day. It was great being able to not only look after the children on the ward but also to reassure the parents that their child is going to get better.

What skills did you learn?

I got to perform procedures such as sterile wound dressings and cannula removals, to name a few. I was able to get involved in looking at the forms, writing documentation and arrangements for transport, medication and liaising with other hospitals if the child is going back to their local one.

How will it benefit your future?

To know that I am working towards one of the most exciting careers motivates me to work hard and achieve the best I possibly can. Now very excited about my future, I would definitely consider the paediatric advanced clinical practitioner route and work in the hospital environment on a paediatric ward. I was able to take all this knowledge and apply it to my emergency ambulance placement.

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