Virtuar Moving and Handling


To enable learners to gain an understanding of the theory and principles of safe moving and handling for both loads and people, in preparation for practical training.


  • To understand the role of relevant legislation and guidelines relating to safe moving and handling
  • To apply the core principles and practice of safe moving and handling to both object handling and to the moving and handling of individuals
  • To consider the risk assessment of manual handling tasks and develop an awareness of the legislative requirement for assessments, including the identification of hazards within this process
  • To identify measures to reduce the risks of injury to all workers and to understand the importance of ergonomic solutions

This excellent resource will provide a theoretical background to moving and handling to ensure that care workers understand the reasons, both practical and legal, behind safe moving principles.

Virtuar will provide a solid backdrop to further moving and handling training. This programme was developed using motion capture software and includes interactive sequences to illustrate the potential risks of poor moving and handling practice.

Subjects covered include:

  • Key legislation relevant to moving and handling
  • Back care
  • Practical application of safer moving and handling principles through use of online simulation
  • Communication
  • The risk assessment process