Preparation for Employment - Generic Simulation

The Faculty has recently introduced a new initiative called the High Achievers Recognition Scheme (HARS) which aims to provide additional learning opportunities to high achieving students. One element of HARS will involve the creation of a generic cross disciplinary resource that helps to develop employability skills. Online simulations will a play a key role within this resource. We’re currently at a very early stage of planning and more information will be made available as this project progresses. HARS also links to the University’s Graduate plus initiative.

Academic Lead – Juliette Gaunt - Senior Lecturer/Clinical Placement Co-ordinator, Speech and Language Therapy

Academic Lead – Karen McGrath - Programme Director, PGCE Post Compulsory Education and Training

3D Design – Mark Richards – 3D Designer, Tim Marquis – Learning Technologist

Simulation Build - Janine Dantzie – Learning Technologist