Coordinating Care Across Health and Social Care

Here are the university, we aspire to be a centre of excellence, making a real difference to patients, carers and the professionals looking after them. We are starting from a strong position as we currently lead work with Health Education England and local care provider across the area of coordinated care. We have worked with multiple stakeholders over a three-year period to build a robust foundation.

A key priority will be to build the UK's largest coordinated care network building on current cross disciplinary learning excellence, placements and action research. 

Working together with industry partners will be essential to assist them in the evaluation of their products. This collaboration will result in expert reports on the potential impact of new technologies and products on practice.

Given our aspirations, it will be essential to liaise with key decision makers in the field to influence government policy/expert opinion on the provision and delivery of coordinating care services. In work with other similarly minded groups to enable what would be a significant voice to be heard.

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