Avril McClement


School of Health Sciences
0121 300 4113

Avril qualified as an ODA in 1982 as the second woman to join the profession in Warwickshire at that time; and has worked in both the NHS and private sector having experience in all surgical specialties. She also has experience from working as:

  • Marketing Manager for the private sector.
  • Director of a private finance initiative involving laser treatments.
  • Programme coordinator for Productive Theatres.
  • Medical Devices Educator and trainer in the NHS.
  • Support Services Manager for global company Olympus
  • Senior Lecturer and Course Leader for Operating Department Practice at HEI.
  • Director and business manager of a private clinic.

Avril’s varied professional roles enable her to bring a wealth of knowledge, skills and experience to her lecturing. She has a particular interest in obstetrics and plastic and reconstructive surgery and feels passionate about the Operating Department Practice profession and its continued development.

Areas of Expertise