Mentors and practice educators

These pages are designed to support professionals who are working with School of Health Sciences students in practical placements. The site provides resources to assist you to support learning and assessment in your area of practice.

Here you can find information for:

If you would like to undertake our “a Mentorship Programme"  to prepare you to become a mentor and assessor or our “Practice Teacher Preparation” please go to the Mentor Programme section for further information. 

Signing up as a Mentor and Practice Educator

If you are not registered on a local database of mentors, assessors and practice teachers and would like to find out how to join please go to the local registration section found in your professions tab.

Keeping up to date

If you are already a recognised mentor and assessor you will need to update yourself annually in order to keep this current. On this you will find the keeping-up-to-date sections provide resources to help you do this.

Where to get help

If you have accessed these pages because you need some help, support or advice please navigate this site using the tabs on the left-hand side of the page, or contact us.

Thank you for getting involved in mentoring, assessing and teaching our students in practice, we look forward to working with you.