Showcase your games to industry

Our end of year showcase is the perfect opportunity to share your work with industry giants like Rare and Codemasters.

At the end of your final year, you’ll have the opportunity to demo the video games you’ve created to a selection of high profile industry experts, chat to them about your future career plans and get some great insider information and advice. It may even lead to work opportunities like it did for some of our most recent graduates!

At our most recent edition postgraduate students showcases ‘Echoes’ a PlayStation 4 game they’d created. The game follows a female protagonist, Kira, as she explores an ancient burial ground and breaks her way through crystal barriers and defeats monsters to progress through the levels.

The demonstration was followed by a presentation of the undergraduate complimentary game, ‘Echoes Origins’, set in the same world as ‘Echoes’ but follows a different protagonist and timeline. The 41 undergraduate students involved with producing the game specialised in production, design, art, coding and VFX and worked together to create ‘Echoes Origins’ in just six weeks.

For a full overview of the day take a look at the video below: