Life in the Development Studio- Video Game Design

Life in the Development Studio for Video Game Designers and Video Game Producers

Have you thought about the different types of game design and game production roles you may be interested in pursuing within the development studio?

Our in-house development studio placement project will enable you to see these roles in practice.

Game Designer

Game Designer

Your responsibility is to work with the development team to ensure that everybody adheres to the original creative vision of the project. Your main input would be around concepts for game mechanics, narrative and interactivity of the project. Further responsibilities extend to user experience, level design and quality assurance. 


Content/ Component Designer

Specifically focusing on content creation; your role would be developing specific components (either assets or gameplay functionality) that exist within the entire game-world.

Content Component Designer
Narrative Designer

Narrative Designer

Do your main interests revolve around the story-telling aspect of games? You may be suited to the role of Narrative Designer, where your main concern is the player’s narrative journey. You would work with the development team to develop the game’s core narrative, backstories, profiles and dialogue. 


Level Designer

You role is to design game environments and the scenarios taking place within them. It is likely that you would also go on to make the environment, populating it with components and assets. 

Level Designer


A Scripter concentrates upon adding functionality to the game environment’s components and assets, by creating and using programming scripts.


Producer/ Production Liaison

If you are interested in project management, you may consider this role. A producer would use a particular production management methodology, to manage the delivery of the game project either internally in a game development studio, or externally at a game publisher. Your main responsibilities would involve acting as a liaison between key stakeholders, scheduling and budgeting

Producer Production Liaison