Life in the Development Studio

Life in the Development Studio for Video Game Digital Artists

Our in-house development studio placement project can help prepare you for a number of video game artist roles.

NTI wacom- concept artist

Concept Artist

From project inception to finish, you would work closely with the art director and project leads. As a concept artist you would rapidly generate and adapt ideas to a specific brief within tight deadlines and play a major role in establishing and maintaining the look of the project.


Environment Artist

Do you have a strong eye for detail? If so, an environment artist may be the role for you. You would build and texturize game environments in 3D, whilst working within a given resource budget and effectively troubleshoot scenes when performance issues arise.

NTI Maya- Environment Artist
NTI Z brush 2- character artist

Character Artist

Character artists model in-game and high poly characters with effective use of polygon budgets. As an artist in this discipline you will need to have a knowledge of human and animal anatomy, plus cloth and drapery. You will also need a good understanding of underlying mesh construction techniques for joint deformation and facial animation.


Texture/ Shader Artist

If the idea of developing the artistic look of the materials and textures used by other disciplines such as the Environments interests you, a texture/shader artist could be the perfect role. Using your expertise in photography, Photoshop and node-based shader creation tools, you would create photorealistic organic and inorganic materials.

NTI Substance Painter 1- texture-shader artist

VFX Artist

VFX artists produce the special effects graphics for in-use game. Having thorough knowledge of 3D tools such as Photoshop, Maya/3D Max, along with an advanced level of knowledge particle effects and industry quality video editing programmes such as Adobe After Effects would make you perfect for this position.


GUI Artist

You would be directly responsible for design and creation of the front end game menu, in-game head-up display and console specific front end systems. As a GUI artist you would create high quality 2D game art assets, which focus on visual communication and presentation.

GUI artist
NTI- tools/technical artist

Tools/ Technical Artist

As a tools/technical artist you would bridge the gap between the art and programming disciplines and be responsible for improving the production pipeline. You would normally work across projects in a multi-team role and be responsible for varied technical work including: plug-in creation, scripting, technical documentation, shader creation, visual effects implementation, general art asset creation and trouble shooting.