Lauren Currie

BA (Hons) Digital Marketing graduate Lauren Currie works as an Account Executive at Superhero, a creative production agency based in Kings Cross, London.

What does a typical day at your job involve?

I work for Superhero. We are a creative production agency and part of Havas. At superhero we specialise in creative production for a range of clients. Some of them being: Bethesda, Penguin, Studio Canal and Playmobil.

Everyday in my job is different which makes it fun! We are constantly working on a range of fun, creative briefs for clients. Superhero’s main areas are children’s games, video games, film, TV and books.

My job involves a wide variety of tasks, from attending production shoots for the latest releases, proof reading and sending off scripts and videos for TV and web approval to managing and posting on Instagram and Twitter.

My main responsibility is to assist with campaigns, productions and manage all social channels. I really enjoy it which makes my job so much more successful.

Did your course prepare you for the work you’re doing now?

My course was a huge help and a stepping stone for achieving my dream job as my first job. The course taught me a wide range of skills from graphic design, video editing, production shoots, marketing techniques and the powers of using social media for marketing.

I worked on a range of real and live campaigns with clients. This helped me gain a lot of work experience to put on my CV. My favourite campaign was one with Netflix and promoting series two of Stranger Things. I had so much fun working on it.

Did you take part in any internships or placements?

After finishing University, I worked with Quintessentially during a summer internship. They are a luxury events company who specialise in corporate and private events and based in Great Portland Street behind the BBC centre. I was working in the corporate events sector alongside brands such as Hennessey, Cunard, Veela, and Equate.

I helped with branding and arranging the events per the client’s requests and brand guidelines. My role involved anything from contacting suppliers and organising gift bags for guests to interior designing the new office and planning out successful events.

It was never a quiet or dull day in the stunning Oxford Street located offices. My favourite moment was attending the summer party located at a pop-up beach in Fulham London. It was so much fun and so warm with a British heatwave! A great way to socialise with my lovely colleagues.

What did you enjoy most about your course?

My favourite aspect of the course was the great contacts and experience that it gave me. I really appreciated that each project was in collaboration with a client and well-known company in the industry. This really helped me to build my CV, gain some great contacts and insights into how the industry works.

The companies were more than willing to help and teach us a little bit more about the exciting industry and what was currently going on. Feedback was given by both lecturers and clients at the end of each brief which was so helpful.

What advice would you give to a student looking to get a job in the digital marketing industry?

  • Say yes to all experiences and opportunities even if it means a little sacrifice or effort. I woke up at 4.30am for a shoot day, but it was so much fun and so interesting. Well worth the early wake up call and the next day was Saturday, so I rested up then! 
  • Use LinkedIn, it’s free and so underrated. LinkedIn helps you to make connections, gain advice from others in your industry with more experience and look for jobs. LinkedIn always has so many exciting jobs to look out for.
  • Make your CV stand out. Employers see so many CVs a day that it’s easy for them all to blend in. I made my CV short and sweet but pink too. Employees see a lot of black and white CVs and I got comments on how fun my CV was and how it showed off my bright and bubbly personality, which was great. It made me stand out and be remembered which is exactly what you want.
  • Finally, be patient! If you’re lucky then you will get a job very quickly but it’s a competitive world. I went to five interviews before I accepted my first job which is also my dream job!