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Bradfield Thomas

BA (Hons) Film, Business and Promotion student

Bradfield Thomas profile- GFA hear from our students page

Did you find it easy to settle in when you first started?

I found it phenomenally easy to settle in at the beginning. During the first two weeks we had plenty of introductions to the course, each other, and our lecturers. What helped was the tiny number of people on the course. It makes it easier to collaborate and engage with the course material.

What types of projects did you do during your first year?

I was involved in a range of projects to do with the business of film and marketing. Demographics analysis for targeted marketing, to budgeting, to actually making a short film. We worked in groups as well as individually, thus keeping things interesting and challenging.

What have you enjoyed most about the course so far?

The flexibility. Not only in my schedule, but in the coursework. We are given tasks with specific goals and given a vast amount of room to complete the tasks as we wish. This allows experimentation and growth while still learning specific lessons. A good example is when we were given a selection of documentaries to plan a marketing and distribution campaign, but weren’t told how to do it. As a result we were pushed to create something based on old knowledge, but was completely new. 

Have you had any opportunities to work with people from the film industry?

We have been lectured by a few industry professionals talking to us about a wide variety of topics from digital marketing to idea creation. In the summer semester you will be given the opportunity to make a short film that is reviewed by people working in the BFI and established directors.

Why should someone join the course and what advice would you give to someone about to start?

I am so engaged in this course because I’ve been able to make it my own. That’s something I have rarely seen in other degrees. I can do the work for myself because it is the perfect practice for real life. Applying marketing tactics that I've learnt, I have been able to expand the social media presence of a business I work for. The flexibility in the schedule means I have room to take the theory learnt in the classroom and apply it to my own projects. My filmmaking has improved and I’ve landed jobs as a result. This is precisely the place I need to be.

My advice would be: enter into the Film Business and Promotion course with the goal to take the initiative. Take full advantage of the free time to apply what you learn to building your skills and starting your career. I’ve been able to ask my lecturers for assistance with my projects and the guidance has been invaluable. Additionally, come to work. It’s easy to pass, but difficult to excel, which is why this course is so engaging. It’s a challenge that, if met, will put you in good stead for the real world.