Finding the funds to invest in your career needn't be as scary as it sounds.

We recommend that potential students take a look into the world of Professional and Career Development Loans as a way of funding their course fees and living expenses.

Professional and Career Development Loans

With Professional and Career Development Loans, the government pays the cost of interest for the duration of your course. Traditional student loans are not available for students taking short or postgraduate courses, such as Gamer Camp or Future Media.

Professional and Career Development Loans allow you to borrow between £300 and £10,000, for 80 per cent of your course fees and expenses such as child care and living costs.

Currently, only the Barclays and Co-op Banks offer career development loan schemes.

For further information on schemes and how to apply to them, we recommend reading this very useful guide on MoneySavingExpert, making the most of the advice on offer from