This is Future Media

Are you looking for a role within a digital agency? Maybe you’re looking to start your own digitally focused business? Have you already started your career and want to strengthen your digital skillset? Look no further than Future Media.

Future Media at NTI, Birmingham City University, is a masters degree created to prepare students for job roles such as digital strategists, digital account managers, digital marketing managers, social media managers and digital project managers.

Study Future Media and you receive:

  • Intensive, practical skills development and training from leading industry experts
  • Experience tackling live or ‘real-world’ briefs for digital media projects
  • Opportunities to discover and create digital strategies with new and emerging technologies
  • Experience presenting research and solutions within real client pitches
  • Opportunities to engage with and build contacts within leading digital agencies

A proven strategy to success

Future Media courses are based on, and teach students to approach projects using, DPDDD methodology, a proven strategy to success created by international agency McCann:

  • Discovery
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Development
  • Deployment

Future Media Pro is a fulltime masters degree (MSc and MA), which offers students the opportunity to immerse themselves completely in this methodology over 12 months within a simulated digital agency environment at our NTI studios. Students are based at NTI Birmingham 9am - 5pm, four days a week.