Primary and Early Years partnerships

PGCE Primary and Early Years courses

Our strength in delivering the PGCE Primary and Early Years with Qualified Teacher Status course is the close working relationship we have with our partner schools.

We are proud to deliver in partnership our ITE curriculum which has been carefully crafted as a sequence of experiences and activities that support trainees to succeed in the classroom, both in their training and as Early Career Teachers.

Our ambitious curriculum encompasses the full entitlement described in the ITT Core Content Framework as well as integrating additional analysis and critique of theory, research and expert practice that we feel is appropriate.

We believe that the quality of teaching is the most important factor in improving outcomes for pupils.

We recognise that it is an entitlement of all associate teachers to work with and learn from expert colleagues as they practise, rehearse and refine approaches.

We know that associate teachers can learn from expert colleagues to use subject specific feedback and high leverage targets to support their subject knowledge development across a range of subjects. 

We place high importance on mentoring that enables associate teachers to receive high-quality, clear and structured feedback from expert colleagues as they apply knowledge and understanding of the evidence in the classroom or  'learn how' statements to understand how practice can be improved.

This also applies to supporting associate teachers' understanding of a sequence of planning and to be able to articulate the impact on pupil progress. 

PGCE Primary and Early Years Course Handbook 2023-24

PGCE Primary and Early Years Curriculum

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