Maths GCSE Equivalency Tests

GCSE support sessions - Maths

Mathematics GCSE is pre-requisite qualification if you want to train to teach any age range. If you don’t have your GCSE in this subject and aren’t currently studying for it, why not sign up for support sessions and a GCSE equivalency test?

You should choose at least one of each session type for Mathematics as your GCSE equivalency test will cover all of these areas.

If you wish to take support sessions for more than one subject, you will only be able to do one support session on any given date. For example, you cannot take both English Language and Maths support sessions on Saturday 9 March and so on.

  • Thursday support sessions are 4 - 6pm
  • Saturday sessions are 10am - 12pm
  • Test sessions last at least three hours
  • Support sessions in the intensive week (27 - 29 Aug) begin at 9.30pm and should finish no later than 3.30pm
  • The test session on Friday 30 August begins at 9.30am. Please arrive in plenty of time.

All sessions take place at City South Campus in Edgbaston.


  1. This is an equivalency test and so is aimed at people who have already sat a GCSE and just missed out on achieving a grade C/level 4. It is not a GCSE course and so is not suitable if you have never undertaken a GCSE or need extensive support.
  2. Acceptance of our equivalency tests outside of Birmingham City University is entirely at the discretion of the other institution. Therefore, we would advise you to check with any other institution you are considering applying to that they will accept our equivalency test(s) before making a booking.
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