Sanaa Serroukh

Sanaa completed her PGCE in Post Compulsory Training and Education in 2015 and is currently employed as a psychology teacher in Saudi Arabia.

I chose to study at Birmingham City University as it offered me a course like no other university in the UK. This course allowed me to teach a subject that I am very passionate about.

During my time at Birmingham City University I have enjoyed meeting new people and have made friends for life. There is a great social environment here. This course has exceeded my expectations. The staff were extremely supportive and helpful throughout the course, making it not as difficult as I imagined it to be. During my studies I undertook my placement at South and City College Birmingham, the experience I gained has been nothing but beneficial and had given me a good insight into the teaching work world. What I liked about the university was the lovely campus and great facilities. The School of Education has great resources for teaching and an excellent and dedicated team of lecturers.

I live in Birmingham now so I have always been used to Birmingham as a city. Being able to drive to university was a definite bonus as I was not able to do this when I was living in London.

I am currently employed as a psychology teacher in Saudi Arabia at the Jeddah knowledge school; they are a great school who are very supportive with helping me develop my career even further. In the future I plan on completing my master’s degree in psychology and eventually going on to complete a PhD.

For anyone considering going into the teaching profession, I would recommend coming to Birmingham City University. It provides an independent yet supportive environment for its students.