Primary School Placements – Spain

BA (Hons) Primary Education with QTS

Safura Banu Ibrahim Patel completed a two week work experience teaching English at a primary school in Spain.


Spain ScholarshipI chose this particular project because I was interested in the culture and teaching experience it had to offer. I wanted to build upon my language skills and be able to deal with circumstances in a foreign country.”

New experiences

“I enjoyed exploring Andalucía, learning about the Spanish culture and the historical aspect of the Cordoba as well as comparing the differences in education practices in a private Spanish school to a UK public school.”


“I achieved independence and confidence in dealing with travelling, liaising with other professionals having a language barrier and being able to communicate/teaching pupils who are from a different culture.”

Know before you go

“Advice I would like to give to students considering taking part in a similar international experience:

  • To be able to speak the language even at a basic level
  • To understand that health and safety requirements are different compared to UK
  • To be prepared to observe, as there is less requirement for English teaching.”