Student life in Birmingham

Studying education in Birmingham

Birmingham is the largest local authority in Europe, providing a wealth of employment and other opportunities for education practitioners, head teachers, teachers, support staff and their families. The city offers some great lifestyle choices, such as affordable housing, theatres, museums, lively night life, restaurants, bars and lots of culture.

Birmingham is leading on exports, inward investment is strong and the number of people wishing to relocate to the city is increasing. It is fast becoming the preferred place to live and work.

Birmingham has a large and diverse variety of jobs in schools and colleges, in early years settings and in children’s centres. There are vacancies in a variety of different educational settings across the entire city, providing fantastic opportunities for anyone taking their first step on the career ladder or looking for their next career move.

So whether you are interested in working in children’s services or you are a Newly Qualified Teacher just starting out, or a senior leader looking to make a difference to the lives of children, Birmingham has something to offer everyone.

Did you know that Birmingham has:

The highest proportion of teaching schools in the country and they are a key feature of the education landscape - there are 17 teaching schools in the city.

250 maintained schools judged good or outstanding.

A variety of opportunities for a range of teaching, leadership and support staff jobs in city schools.

Some fundamental and exciting changes taking place across the local authority and in Birmingham schools. A new Education and Schools Strategy and Improvement Plan is in place and will help shape the schools agenda at pace to ensure the best possible outcomes for children.

Plenty of opportunities for NQTs to become leaders in the city’s schools and to learn from the best educationalists from a range of disciplines.

120 academies, many free and independent schools in the city with 23 academy sponsors.

Source: Birmingham City Council

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