Our vision and mission

Education and Social Work - Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

  • We aspire to create a culture of social justice through the co-construction of an inclusive, diverse and challenging climate for learning
  • We aspire to be a change agent in people's lives, making a difference to professionals and the organisations they work in
  • We aspire to be a leading centre within the academic and professional disciplines of education and social work to inspire students, staff and collaborative partners to be active agents of change, locally, nationally and globally
  • We aspire to change lives, inform practice and challenge perceptions through world-leading research and critical thinking

Our Mission

  • We demonstrate our commitment to learning with enthusiasm and passion through relevant and responsive curricula that develop resilience, confidence and risk-taking in our staff, students and partners
  • We offer learning spaces that promote and nurture positive attitudes to equality, inclusion and diversity through celebrating uniqueness, individuality, and community
  • We are change agents working in partnership through leading near-to practice research; knowledge production and transfer which connects diverse individuals and communities, actively promoting leading research and critical thinking in our disciplinary fields.