Phil McCahill

Primary Education with QTS - BA (Hons)

Phil's plan was to train as a secondary history teacher but he started a business degree. However, while he was studying, he also volunteered with a primary school and realised he’d been thinking of the wrong teaching role, so he transferred to the Primary Education course and has never looked back.

"Before I started university, I was anxious about finances - I’d worked full time before starting on my course and worried about what would happen if I couldn’t afford to stop working. But I’ve done some part time work, kept working hard and it’s paid off in the end.

The staff on the primary education with qts course have been great, they are both supportive and experienced, and are always approachable, helpful and honest. Since coming to university, my confidence in my own abilities has grown and I’ve developed as a teacher and professional.

I’m very proud of my achievements while I’ve been at BCU: completing my teacher training with a top grade, speaking at a national education conference, being published in a research journal and winning Student Representative of the Year at the university’s Extra Mile Awards.

I’ve also become fully involved in the university community. I was the President of the Raise and Give Society for a year, a School of Education and Social Work representative and I started a network for early career teachers across the West Midlands.

My goal in coming to BCU was to find my perfect job after graduating, which I have, at a fantastic brand new school with a great team. I’m really excited to get started.

For me, 'I AM BCU' is about the group of staff and students who have embraced and supported me over the last three years. I’ve made friends and colleagues for life and I will always be grateful for the encouragement and opportunities I have experienced during my time here."

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