Charlotte Ralph

Primary Education with QTS - BA (Hons)

Charlotte always wanted to become a teacher but changed her mind on her original university choice when the cost of moving away from home was too much. She now commutes to BCU from home and has flourished as a student, crediting the fantastic academic services the university boasts and the second-to-none mental health support she received.

I always knew that I wanted to go to university, and I knew this was essential if I really wanted to become a teacher. They say that everything happens for a reason, and that is so true. I originally had planned to move away for uni, to get the ‘university experience’ in a new city. I applied for a different university, achieved the grades I needed and got accepted in, but right before I was about to move, my student finance came through and I couldn’t afford the accommodation fees. So I came to BCU instead, as I could commute from home. At the time this was not part of the grand plan, but I am sure glad that it happened! I have achieved real academic success here that I am truly proud of. But I know that this wouldn’t have been achievable, if I everything has gone according to plan.

BCU has allowed me to flourish academically. In school I was never top of the class, I never got all straight A’s, and I never believed that I would be or have any of those things. However, BCU changed all of that for me. In the second and third years of uni, I really pushed myself and with the help of some excellent tutors, I started to believe that I actually knew what I was talking about! Soon enough I was getting first after first, and not only did I graduate with a very high first I also won an award for my outstanding academic excellence during my time at BCU. All of this wouldn’t have been possible without the belief of myself, nor my tutors.

The most challenging thing about being at BCU for me was the travel. I live nearly 90 minutes away from the university (on a good traffic day!) and it was really challenging for me to find the motivation (and money) to drive so far, so often. Although I’m thankful I no longer have to drive so far, I’m so glad I did. Not only did I save a lot of pennies commuting but it was worth it for such a good university.

Throughout my degree, BCU has offered me support in every aspect of my life. The academic support available is brilliant and so easy to access. The Students’ Union were great with support about finances and general day to day living. I must also mention the mental health support offered by the university, this is something they have really pushed and it has really helped me achieve and enjoy uni to the fullest.

As well as this, the community at BCU is one that is totally inclusive, something I really like about the university. Although I never joined any societies, I found something that was right for me. I was given the opportunity to join a research project that explored the depths of collaboration in teaching and learning alongside some more experienced researchers. Not only was this a great opportunity for me professionally, but I also got to work alongside some very interesting and skilled people.

‘I AM BCU’ means that I am part of a university that embodies and empowers people from all different backgrounds. No matter who you are, what experience or goals you have, BCU will help you achieve them. 


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