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Editing, Performing and Re-Composing the Musical Past: French Neoclassicism (1870–)

A three-day international conference, took place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire from 5–7 September 2018. Details of the event, including a copy of the programme, can be found on the conference website.


The Édition classique includes over 850 edited volumes of music. A major output of the ‘Accenting the Classics’ project is the creation of a complete catalogue of the contents of the collection. The PDF catalogue is available to consult and download.

Download Accenting the Classics Catalogue

Conference Recital

A special recital of music from the Édition classique was given as part of the three-day project conference in September 2018. This was performed by advanced pianists from the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, Domonkos Csabay and Connor Wilcox. 

Conference Recital Programme 

Workshop for Young Pianists


A one-day workshop in June 2019 for members of the Junior Royal Birmingham Conservatoire. The workshop was led by internationally acclaimed pianist and scholar, Professor Roy Howat (Royal Academy of Music), along with the project team.

Listen to the Workshop for Young Pianists.

Concert for Young Pianists

The Workshop for Young Pianists ended with a public concert by the participants.

Listen to the concert

Workshop Concert Programme 

Festival Parisien

A recital including works from Durand’s Édition classique, took place at the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire on 24 February 2017 as part of a week-long Festival Parisien.

Festival Recital Programme

Listen to György Hodozso and Domonkos Csabay perform:

Mendelssohn, edited Ravel, 6 pièces enfantines, Op. 72, piano 2-hands

Ravel Ma mère l’Oye, piano 4-hands