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This project is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

Nonsensical – an ever-growing social media agency with an array of successful channels – have provided valuable micro-placement opportunities for Birmingham City University students to help the company innovate and expand. 

Posted 18 January 2022

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Industry-leading results  

Nonsensical are a social media agency and publisher based in Birmingham. They have created and cultivated numerous social media communities – including Birmingham Updates, Best of Bristol and Endless Mythology.

Together, these communities boast over one million followers and possess industry-leading engagement rates.

Keeping on top of social media

Social media is constantly evolving, with new platforms and algorithms. These then require new types of content, strategies and skill sets to ensure a good online presence is achieved.

With social media’s fast pace often making it difficult for companies to keep on top of new changes, Nonsensical sought assistance from Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM), part-funded by the European Social Fund.

New research and greater understanding

Nonsensical provided BCU students with a clear, specific brief – to conduct research in order to help them find communities similar to the ones they have previously created.

This gave Nonsensical vital information on who to approach and partner with, new research techniques, and a greater understanding of how students and their peers use social media.

The micro-placements enabled students to gain vital work experience with a fast-growing company, while providing Nonsensical with new avenues for growth.

The success of the students’ research enabled Nonsensical to innovate and test out new propositions that they previously wouldn’t have had time to fully explore.

The students and Nonsensical collaborated and shared their knowledge, gaining valuable insights into social media use from comparative businesses.

“The interns introduced new knowledge to our organisation,” says Oli Hills, CEO for Nonsensical. “They bought new research techniques and a great understanding of how their peers use social media.

“We’re now working with BCU on a set of exciting workshops to further develop their students in the complex world of social media.”

BCU has collaborated with a number of rising organisations in recent times, including boosting City of Birmingham Hockey Club’s social media skills and forging a long-lasting partnership with Lounge Underwear.

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