Boosting local hockey club’s social media skills

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This project is part-funded by the European Social Fund.

City of Birmingham Hockey Club (CoBHC), an institution with a proud heritage and community focus, signed up to the Higher Level Skills Match (HLSM) project – part-funded by the European Social Fund – in order to improve their use of social media.

Posted 17 November 2021

City of Birmingham Hockey Club have teamed up with HLSM to help their social media strategy. Photo credit = Birmingham CWG 2022

Image credit: Birmingham CWG 2022.

Thanks to the support of Birmingham City University students and graduates, the club have been able to create a detailed and effective communications plan that fully utilises their social media channels and provides valuable competitor analysis.

A club with community at its core

CoBHC is a community organisation that looks to improve the equality, diversity and inclusion of individuals within hockey.

It strives to make a difference alongside partners to bring about opportunities for the local community. The club is supported by many individuals in voluntary roles, from social media and marketing, to physiotherapy and video analysis.

All of these roles are key to CoBHC’s day-to-day activities at the club.

The opportunity – Creating an efficient plan of action

CoBHC signed up the HLSM project through Newman University after attending a networking event.

The club was interested in being involved in order to give others an opportunity to develop their skills, as well as helping the club learn from the next generation of leaders within their respective fields.

Specifically, CoBHC were looking to create a communication and action plan, particularly for their social media channels.

Outcomes and impact – valuable social media support

Birmingham City University were able to signpost the club to students who specialise in social media, in order to support with the development of CoBHC’s content creation and gain social media analysis over the next 18 months.

The students and graduates involved not only created this, but also helped the club to outline their strengths and areas to improve. This proved to be highly important as it allowed the club to focus on their key areas.

“It gave us an opportunity to learn from others, and gave the chance for others to showcase their talent and grow their portfolio,” says Jeevan Chagger, Chairman of the Club. 

“Graduates gave us an in-depth analysis of the power of social media and how the club could engage with this weekly in order to improve their audience, as well as understand what our competitors are doing.”

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